Faithful Home Keepers: Thought Corner

Keepers at Home
My journey as a work-at-home mommy has not always come as a natural position to me.  I was certainly raised in a culture that was anti-tradition and was an easy follower of my surroundings.  Ouch!  That still is painful to confess, but there it is!  I was raised by a single mother and had unsteady contacts and relationships with my father, and in the course of time other males, with much the same outcome.  Fight or flight with me, that was my way.
God is so faithful and patient with his children.  He sent me a series of circumstances that the only place to go was running to His most capable arms.  What loving and tender arms they are, too.  After much time and much more discipline, God chose to take me out of the main stream workforce and into a life of submission and subservience.  Not quite a position that I was used to taking!  However difficult a task for me, embracing the natural role the Lord intended for me as a woman, has become the greatest honor of my life.
I am finding joy everyday in staying busy in my home and with my children.  The Lord is disciplining me in the ways of a true godly keeper of the home.  I am now taking pride in every lesson He teaches and I finally absorb!  The joy of teaching my own daughter these precious lessons is the icing on the cake.  To see her grow to become a godly wife and mother, is one of my highest held hopes and prayers.  I long to be the help meet my husband needs and to lift him up constantly as the Lord intends. 
Dear Lord,
Make me as Your perfect will intends for me to be.  Wife, mother, teacher, friend and child of the one true God of heaven and earth!  Lord be patient with me and extend to me Your grace and mercy.  Help me to love and teach my children.  Guide me in loving and helping my husband.  Keep me steadfast and true in Your ways and Your Word.  Let the work of my hands be blessed, for Your glory!  I thank you for my lot and my portion, today and everyday to come!
In Christ's victorious name I pray, Amen! Amen!
In His Service,
Mrs. Mac

Menu Plan Monday From: OrgJunkie.com

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday
brought to you by Luara at http://www.orgjunkie.com/

I believe that menu planning is essential to every household budget.  If you are taking the time to plan your meals, then you can take the time to clip coupons and shop the local flyers for the items you need.  It is the first link in a chain of good household habits.  Take a look at what are family is cooking up this week, then head on over to this link http://orgjunkie.com/2009/10/menu-plan-monday-oct-26th.html to see lots more moms and what they are planning for the dinner table this week.  It is great fellowship, fun, tips and recipe searching for everyone!  Come take a look.

Menu Plan @ The Macs

Sunday -

Breakfast: Oatmeal with a bannana

Lunch: Spagehhti with Meatsauce

Dinner: Hot Dogs & carrot sticks

Monday -

Breakfast: Cereal with fruit

Lunch: Pizza Pita Pockets with carrot sticks

Dinner: Taco Soup with tortilla chips & salsa

Tuesday -

Breakfast: Eggs, Toast with cheese & sliced tomato

Lunch: Grill Cheese & Celery sticks with peanut butter

Dinner: Baked Potato Bar - broccoli, plain yogurt, cheese, chili

Wednesday -

Breakfast: Peanut butter toast with fruit

Lunch: Taco Soup leftovers

Dinner: Sausage & Vegetable Frittata - Cooking outside with Dutch Oven (Cub Scout project)


Breakfast: Oatmeal with a bannana

Lunch: @ Co-op / Sack Lunch

Dinner: Chicken Soup with Wild & Brown rice

Friday -
Breakfast: Cereal with Fruit

Lunch: T.V. dinner

Dinner: Fish with rice pilaf, steamed veggies, salad & roll

Saturday -

Breakfast: Pancakes with turkey bacon & fruit

Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner: Meatloaf, Corn, Salad & garlic mashed potatoes

Tah! Dah!  That's all there is to it.  Now off to clip coupons!
Have a blessed week!

Heather Mac