This is How We Row: FI♥AR Notebooks

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Oh Five-in-a-Row, How I love thee, let me count the ways . . .

We will "row" probably until it goes out of style . . . and even then, probably "row" a little longer.  The Bug and I, as well as my entire Co-op Classroom, enjoy the unity and common thread that Five-in-a-Row gives to our classroom and home education.  One of the elements that both student and teacher enjoys is Notebooking or Lapbooking.  If you are a home educator, these are not new terms.  If you are saying, "She sure needs to use spell check before she sends out these posts!" . . . then, you are not familiar with Notebooking or Lapbooking, or at least not yet.  Stay with me.

FI♥AR (Five-In-A-Row) Lapbooking or Notebooking is simply a means to document your Five-in-a-Row journey, as well as your homeschooling journey in general.  Notebooking is my preferred method, as I enjoy using the Principled Approach in our own homeschool.  This method of teaching focuses on producing, rather than consuming.  The beauty of this method, is that the child gets an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and, I find, a greater enjoyment of learning.  A FI♥AR Lapbook or Notebook will include the various projects, copywork, dictation and activities that a child produces in the course of studying a FI♥AR book selection.  You can use may different methods to document this journey.  Here a few links that you can click to if you are unfamiliar with the methods I am discussing: Lapbooks and Notebooks.

At Homeschool Co-op, we use the Homeschool Portfolio to "house" our Five-In-A-Row Notebook.

Students take great pleasure and pride in producing their Notebooking pages.  Something special happens when a child knows their work is going into the "oh, so special" sheet protector!  The work gets neater, the hand a bit steadier and the smile bigger.  Here is a peek inside our Notebooks at Co-op:

{Here is a page from our  FI♥AR Notebook for Miss Rumphius.  It is a Qtip painting of lupines}

{This is the Notebooking page we completed for Owl Moon - You can find the free printable Here}
This is How We Row: Owl Moon

{They Were Strong and Good - This selection was hands down a favorite of my class!}
How We Row: They Were Strong and Good

I hope you have enjoyed a quick glance into our Five-in-a-Row Notebook.  Hoping that you will continue to "row" right along with us.  

We will continue to take a "rowing" break as we finish all things Co-op (it is our last week, next week).  Then my kids and I will take a break for a couple of weeks, then back to Summer School fun and rowing with the Bug!

Happy Rowing!
The Joyful Socks Mom     

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