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Welcome to our first official session of "Geek School"!  This term we are excited to welcome each of you Back-To-Hogwart's! 
If this is your first time to check-in, no worries, YOU CAN JUMP IN AT BACK-TO-HOGWART'S ANYTIME!

Here's is how it works!  Follow each week along with us here on the blog, or on INSTAGRAM.  Each week will consist of 3 assignments, encouraging each of us to read, write and create as a family. 

1.  Complete each reading assignment by reading-aloud to your children, or having them read-aloud to you.  Grown-ups are welcome to, just read!

2.  Complete the writing/journaling assignment each week.

3.  Crafting Challenges are TOTALLY OPTIONAL ... try to do one each week, but know worries if you cannot do the craft.  They are a challenge, not a requirement!  

4.  POST A PHOTO OR STATUS of your fun each week (POST ON INSTAGRAM OR FACEBOOK) and use the #HarrysReadAlongCraftAlong tag!

CONGRATULATIONS! after completing all assignments below within a 4 week period, your YEAR 1 at Hogwart's is now complete.  YOU ARE NOW ENTITLED TO A YEAR 1 COMPLETION CERTIFICATE!  (see details below for claiming your certificate)
Grab a cuppa tea & your copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to begin your Year 1 of Back-to-Hogwart's!

Scences from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter Stained Glass Books)

Week #1 Back-to-Hogwart's #HarrysReadAlongCraftAlong
READING ASSIGNMENT: Read Chapters 1 - 5 in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
WRITING ASSIGNMENT: In the Sorcerer's Stone, we learn "the wand chooses the wizard", re-read the passages describing Harry's visit to Ollivander's.  
  • What makes Harry a different kind of great from Voldemort?
  • Additional journal topic or discussion: Each chapter title provides a brief description, or clues as to what will occur in each chapter.  Do the titles accurately depict the whole truth, or big picture. How do they reveal some of the symbolic meaning with the chapter?

CRAFTING CHALLENGE: Create these fun DIY Potion Bottles for Professor Snape's Potions Class

Week #2 Back-to-Hogwart's #HarrysReadAlongCraftAlong
Read Chapters 6 - 9 in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
WRITING ASSIGNMENT: During this week you will learn more about the four Hogwart's Houses.  
  • Discuss the various houses and the different personality characteristics and traits that each house represents.  
  • Now, place yourself in a House and explain why you are now sorted that way.  For extra fun, sort each of your family member's into Hogwart's houses.
CRAFTING CHALLENGE: Now that we are back in the hall's of Hogwart's it is time to stock our bookshelves with the required book for year one. DIY Hogwart's Books

Week #3 Back-to-Hogwart's #HarrysReadAlongCraftAlong
Read Chapters 10 - 13 in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
WRITING ASSIGNMENT: Hermione Granger is a bright young wizard that studies well and is excellent at spells.  
  • What are your favorite classes to study at Hogwart's and why?
  • What are your favorite spells you have learned this far at Hogwart's and why?
CRAFTING CHALLENGE: Don't start a duel with Mallfoy without your very own wand from Olivander's.

Week #4 Back-to-Hogwart's #HarrysReadAlongCraftAlong 
Read Chapters 14 - 17 in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
WRITING ASSIGNMENT: When you have completed all the reading this week, write a letter in your journal "back home", describing all the things you experienced and learned this year at Hogwart's.  Then send it via Owl Post.
CRAFTING CHALLENGE: Make a Harry Potter rock buddy to keep on your desk at Hogwart's.  ***Extra Credit: Create your favorite character as a rock buddy.

Here is a link to our Back-To-Hogwart's board on Pinterest for some extra Crafting & other Potter fun!

Follow Joyful Socks Mom's board Back-To-Hogwart's Read-along Craft-along on Pinterest.

Congratulations!  Once you have completed your fourth week of Year 1 assignments, you are now eligible for your Completion Certificate. Please complete the Google Form below & your personalized Completion Certificate will be emailed to you.  THANKS for joining us at Hogwart's!

COMING SOON ....Back-2-Hogwart's Year 2!!! Stay-tuned!

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