How to Make Family Math Night a FUN Tradition!

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I love math . . . NOT!  Years ago when I began my homeschooling journey this was the subject of dread for me . . . and my children smelt the fear!  Many more years down the road from my novice years and I can tell you truthfully a few things have changed.  Well, all except the mommy not liking math part.

We have found tools, resources and curriculum to help us teach our children math without passing on my inherent dis-like.  The best resource when fighting ANY subject you dis-like is enthusiasm.  Our newest discovery in making math less tedious has been the instituting of Family Math Night.  This is one designated night per month, twice if we are really feeling optimistic (which is hardly ever), that we enjoy math as a family.  We focus the evening around math activities and games that help math, at least appear, more creative and fun than it can be during our daily studies.  Add in some snacks, treat and prizes and you can make math a bit more fun too!

1.  Come up with a fun theme for the evening . . . and NOT just one that relates to math.
  • Fractions Pizza Party: Eat pizza and do some fractions - easy out!
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  • Decimals, Dominoes and Dips: (Teaching decimals, playing dominoes and eating dip)  Apples and caramel Dip, Veggies and Ranch dip, Chips and queso dip, Strawberries and chocolate dip.
  • Be a Math Super Hero: Everyone dresses up!  Multiplication Mom, Division Dad, Subtraction Sidekick, Addition Adam . . . the possibilities are endless.
  • 50's Party: Dress up fifty's style and spend the evening teaching counting by multiples of 5, 10 and, of course, 50!
2.  Choose living math books to share at the party.  Here are some great books for younger children to share by reading-a-loud to the family from Mama Jenn

3.  Give each family member a math game, or activity to prepare, master and share with the family.  This makes each child more confident in their skills and allows each person to have something to contribute.  You can find a good selection that of math games and activities on my Family Math Night Board on Pinterest.

4.  Host a Family Math Night Dinner!  We have not done this one yet, but maybe you'll get an invite soon?  Have some home educating families over for a pot-luck and enjoy the math games and activities together.

5.  Remember to show your ENTHUSIASM for this subject . . . even if you dis-like it immensely.  The more effort you put into loving and enjoying math, the more the kids will too!

Happy Homeschooling!
The Joyful Socks Mom 

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  1. Family Math Fun! activities, recipes, patterns. Free (funded by the the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills HRSDC). http://www.nald.ca/library/learning/familymath/familymath.pdf

  2. Thanks for for the resources! Homeschoolers are AWESOME at paying-it-forward. Blessings.


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