Why Finding My Tribe at Winter Summit Makes All the Difference

There is a continual danger.
A consistent threat to my family and our vision for home educating.
If I ignore this threat, I run the risk of derailing everything God intends for my family.

What is this great gray cloud of potential threat that looms in the horizon?

I. Myself. Me and me, alone.
You see, the greatest threat to my family is me. 

The mama bear. The woman who aggressively seeks results, thereby trampling anyone in her path.

The seeker of excellence.  The woman who is so consumed with performance, she misses opportunities to extend grace and mercy.
The perfectionist. The woman who is so focused on perfection that she forgets what is truly important. 

The blind one.  The woman who is so focused on home education and academics, she forgets to be thankful for the daily provision to do so.

Their is good news for shewing this ever threatening cloud of doom from my home.  A change of mind.  A change of heart.  A winter renewing and restoration.

You see, the daily struggles will build upon this mother.  Self-awareness is great, but not enough to completely rid myself of the fleshly issues that plague my daily life.

Take off the mask.

'If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." I John 1:9 (KJV)

One factor in keeping the blind-perfectionist-excellence-obssessed-mama-bear at bay is surrender.  Yes, surrender to Christ and His vision for my life.  This, of course, sounds super simple ... but daily walking this principle out is another matter entirely.  Walking this out daily requires vigilance in God's Word.  Prayerful decisions.  Daily discipline and accountability.  I am not sure about you, but that sounds like a fairly tall order considering all the other daily commitments that I must also meet.

An Encouraging Word Board at Winter Summit

This is the core of why I go to Winter Summit year after year.

It is where I can come to the mountaintop.
Where Jesus does surgery on my heart.
Where I meet up with my "tribe".

"Back Stage" Summit 2016

Yes. My tribe! Both, the veteran and currently struggling, in-the-trenches  homeschool moms alike. The women that pray for me. Speak life into my spirit. Speak the truth in love. Smile. Giggle. Laugh out loud.

The Mrs. Homeschool Universe Skit, Summit 2016 PHOTO BY Susan Seay

Finding your tribe can make all the difference in finding your joy again and holding on through the rest of the year. 

Why Winter Summit is the best place to find your tribe:
  • Accessibility at this event is incomparable!  What I mean is simply the Summit Team members, and even our leader, Roxanne Parks, strive to intentionally provide a personal touch, kind word, mingle and to recognize every woman at Summit as a welcomed addition.

  • The powerful prayer that goes into bringing attendees to Winter Summit, and the powerful prayer that goes on while we are at Summit. Every individual on the registration list has had their name spoken aloud in prayer before arriving.  In addition, there are actually 2 prayer rooms, one quiet for private prayer, one where you can get someone to pray with you.
  • I love the intimacy of this event!  As a "round table" event, Summit is purposeful about helping women build relationship while attending this amazing event.  Can't get a friend to go with you? No sweat!  You will easily meet a friend while "Summiting".