10 Read-a-Loud Classics for Older Children

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Well, I finally have it!  No more excuses after six months of homeschool cooperative responsibilities, re-prioritizing and me, well...being me; I finally have our solidified Family Read-a-Loud list.  I will say in my defense that this year was more challenging in finding book selections for several reasons.

As my children grow older their interests have become more diversified, thus making it difficult for ole' mom to find books that we can enjoy together.  I also have the whole boy's interest vs. girls' interests thing happening too.  My youngest has made it a bit easier on me though since she reads and comprehends far above grade level.  I chose the books for this year by looking at the bigger picture.  I based several selections based chronologically on the history we will be learning.  I also filled in with a couple of family favorites, and some inspirational classics that I think we all need.

These will be our Family Read-a-Louds for 2014 & I believe these are all great selections that your older children may enjoy too!

Purpose Driven Life
Rick Warren
  • A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren: We have recently been discussing and praying over our Family Mission Statement.  I felt like this book would help us move forward in this process and bring fresh ideas to our Family Devotional time.
  • The Age of Fable by Thomas Bulfinch: I chose several items from our Ambleside Reading List for the remainder of this semester.  I choose this book and Ben Hur to help along my ninth graders who are reviewing Ancient History this summer.
Ivanhoe (Bantam Classic)
Sir Walter Scott
  • Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott: The following five selections are also from our Ambleside Reading List which I have simply inserted into our Read-a-Loud schedule to allow the kids more Free Reading Time during the school week.  We will all be studying the Middle Ages to the Reformation during our 2014-2015 Academic Year, so this will just help us along in that goal.
  • A Taste of Chaucer by Anne Malcolmson (Warning! This book can be difficult to find, and costs around $15.99 - $42.00 on Amazon.  We have a copy available through a local collegiate library, so check around at your library first!  You can also use LIBRARY THING to find a local copy.)
  • The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel: My older children have already enjoyed this selection, but they are excited about sharing it with their younger sister.  This is another selection that will be used dual-ly, as a Family Read-a-Loud and during Family Devotional.
  • Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens: Another family favorite story that we just have not yet taken the time to read the original.  "May I have some more please sir?"
Do you and your family observe a Family Reading Time?  What is the best book you read together?

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