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*Editor's Note: We are all Rowed-out here at the Mac House.  My youngest is past the age of Picture Books.  We enjoyed our experience with Five in a Row Curriculum and hope you will find joy in the pages of these book also.  Therefore, we will keep this page active to help further your journey.  Happy Rowing!*

Five in a Row is a wonderful literature based curriculum that is used and utilized by home educators from around the world.  It adds literature-rich experiences in daily home education with learning in across the curriculum.  
We want to share all that we have rowed and some of the best FREE rowing resources out there.   
Please consider that these are resources to be used in conjunction with the Five in a Row manuals, not in lieu of.  The Five in a Row manual is an excellent investment and a resource you will find as an priceless addition to your curriculum.
Here is a look back at books we have "rowed" in the past.  There are LOTS of ideas and FREE resources in these posts, so check them out.
Our Five in a Row Passports
We made our own passports to enrich our FI♥AR curriculum.  My students at cooperative, love this process.  We illustrate and document "where" in the world we have been on our map by using our story disks.  Then we get to "stamp" our passports.  Read More and see our Passport Tutorial HERE.


Delightful Learning
Homeschool Share
Five-in-a-Row Lense we love: Five-in-a-Row Literature Based Curriculum
FIAR Blogroll - Great list of other Five-in-a-Row Moms
FIAR Schedule 2012 - 2013 Academic Year: (Complete Volume II, Start Volume III) 

Volume II Picks -
  1. The Giraffe That Walked to Paris  Completed
  2. The Tale of Peter Rabbit * Completed
  3. Mariette on the High Wire * Completed
*Indicates book is available at our local library for Cooperative members in my area!

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