Summer Fun Bucket: Revisited

Summer Fun Bucket
 . . . easy squeezey lemon peezey!!!

This was a summer activity we began last year during our A Well-Spent Summer series.  It has now become not only a tradition, but a survival tool!  I thought I would bring it back & offer my eBook to get everyone moving in the right direction for a most excellent summer of learning & growing . . . oh, and FUN!

1.  Start with a basic oatmeal box.  

2.  Grab a ton of scrapping supplies, buttons, sequins, beads, foam, stencils, etc.

3.  Wrap your oatmeal box is scrapping paper or wrapping paper.

4.  Now let the kiddos decorate to there little heart's content . . . Quaker oatmeal never looked better!!!

5.  Now fill the bucket with fun, frugal and educational activities for you and the kids to enjoy through out the summer!  Download my F*R*E*E eBook and you have instant FUN for your own bucket.

Joyful & blessed homeschooling to you!
aka The Joyful Socks Mom


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