Organizing Teens: A Plan In Place {REVIEW + Giveaway}

I received a complimentary Customized Student Planner in order to review this product. I received compensation for my time. All opinions in this post are my own. You may read my full disclosure here.

The joys of raising a homeschooled teenager can be vast and varied.  Add along with that the list of blessings that come with having a child who has learning differences.  Now, let's review our list of blessings.  We would most likely find attributes such as creativity, athletic ability, adventurousness,  ingenuity.  What we would more than likely NOT find is a great natural ability to organize.

Organizing Is A Teachable Attribute, You Just Need The Right Resource.

Enter my 15 year old dyslexic daughter, who is amazing on many levels, organizing not being one of them.  Organization for a dyslexic teen is essential, and fortunately is something that can be taught.  We have spent years providing her with training, motivation and reinforcement in the area of organization.  The time is now far-beyond upon us, that responsibility to organize belongs almost solely to her, as a student.

Homeschool Student Planner.

A Plan In Place allowed us the recent opportunity of reviewing a wonderful organizing tool for the homeschooled student, the Student Edition of their Customizable Student Planner.  A resource that helps transfer responsibility and accountability for organizing to the student, where it ultimately belongs.
We first chose the features that we thought were essential in making a Student Planner that works for her needs, which was made easy with A Plan In Place and their easy to navigate and use website.  Here are a few items   of customizing that I appreciated when building and using our own Customizable Student Planner.

• Ability to customize her Weekly Schedule pages to meet my student's individual education plan and schedule. This allowed me to enter her specific subjects, checklists according to our unique curriculum, and assist her with weekly focuses.

• The customizable Calendar that allowed her to plan according to our unique schedule (we school year-round).

• Self-guided Goal & Planning section that allowed my teen to take responsibility for planning her homeschool year, with minimal input from me.  Including important points like Personal Goals, Chores & Responsibilities, Study Plan, Time Schedule, Savings & Spending and Summer Plans. 

• The ability to help her in recording her yearly achievements and consolidating all of that vital information in one place.  This  means I am not the only person doing the record-keeping for our homeschool. Awesome.

• My teen found this planner easy to use & navigate, which helped her take responsibility for her homeschool day and be successful in that endeavor. She also really seemed excited about the "wet-erase" Doodle Page on the inside cover.  She is an easy-to-please kid.

The Right Resource

I would love for my readers to experience the ease of assisting their own homeschool student with this valuable resource.  Organization and responsibility are important skills for all homeschool students, and with A Plan In Place as a resource, we can maintain that precious jewel of organizing on a daily basis.

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Happy homeschool planning to you all!

Joyfully Learning with You,

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  1. That looks just like what my son needs.

    1. My daughter enjoyed having ownership. I think all kids need a bit more responsiblity.

  2. Replies
    1. It is amazing what a few minutes of planning can do for your homeschool schedule.

  3. My daughter is very neat when it comes to her surroundings, but organizing her time? Not so much.

  4. My daughter is very organized, but she struggles with understanding how to break down big projects. Even though we don't do assignment-style work, she could still benefit from using this for the things she's working on personally - like 4H Fair entries and stuff! How cool!

  5. bikurgurl@hotmail.comJune 4, 2014 at 9:44 AM

    Looking forward to seeing how A Plan In Place could work for us!

  6. I am woefully disorganized and this looks like a helpful tool!

  7. This would be a great tool to help my oldest take some control over his own scheduling!


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