THRIFTY THURSDAY with the Frugal Lady

Greetings Thirfty Shoppers . . . and even those not-so-thrify shoppers (you know who you are)! One of the best parts of a frugal living, is that it is never too late to start. You may live high-on-the-hog or swim in debit, but it is never too late to learn those few good habits that will make all the difference to your family and your pocket book.

I will be posting frugal finds, solutions and resources each Thursday. I will also be back on Friday to give you the FREEBIES you long for. My hope is to create an open forum for discussing and sharing frugal solutions for everyone's life.

I hope that everyone will join in on this important discussion. I also pray that you experience the empowerment that is restored to the buyer who knows that they received the best bargain possible. Join in every Thursday and invite your blogging buddies to stop buy.

* I will post later Thursday on our 1st Official Thirfty Thursday Topic *

P.S. . . . Be on the look out for a giveaway!!!

Many Thirfty Blessings,

The Frugal Lady

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