Math Tutor DVDs: Giving Math a Better Name

Let's just begin by saying that this week's reviews will cover products for homeschoolers in the subject of Math.  Many of you know my own personal feelings about that particular subject. *ahem*  I will be brushing all prior prejudice on the subject of math to the wayside, in order to bring you this week's TOS Reviews. *grin*


Today's math enrichment product comes from Math Tutor.  The two DVDs that I reviewed, with the help of a trusted advisor (read more later), were The Pre-Algebra Tutor DVD & The TI-84/TI-83 Graphing Calculator Tutor DVD.  They retail from Math Tutor for $26.99 each, with a super guarantee of raising your student's grades or your money back!  Now, that is what I'm talking about!

I am glad to report, that the folks at Math Tutor really know what they are doing!  The amount of time dedicated to each subject and practice problems shows they have a true love of teaching.  That's what I like most about these DVDs.  The sheer volume of practice used in these DVDs could help instill major math concepts in the most reluctant of math students. *hint, hint - nudge, nudge* tiny smiley happy Students that feel that they are "bad" at math need that extra boost of confidence and consistency in instruction.  I believe this DVD series is one that would give much confidence to such a student.  Each subject is broken down with such careful detail that students will be able to gain vast insight in these subject areas, helping them to develop stronger skills.  Any math enrichment that helps a student tackle problems with ease and greater confidence, is well worth its weight in gold.  If they no longer live in dread of math, you are giving them the gift of a lifetime.  Math Tutor helps to give that gift.

The price is just right for homeschoolers to afford such a wonderful resource for math enrichment.  Math tutoring can be quite costly and these DVDs offer a more practical and economical solution.  We loved these DVDs so much, we used them on our babysitter (a 16 year old homeschooler from church).  She liked the Pre-Algebra DVD and said it made everything more "approachable".  She even came back to babysit . . . so, there you go!  End of story.  If it gets a 16 year old's approval, then it gets mine.

The Pre-Algebra Tutor: Volume 1

Total Run Time 5 Hours:
DVD Chapter Index

Disk 1Sect 1 - Real Numbers
Sect 2 - The Number Line
Sect 3 - Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To
Sect 4 - Absolute Value and Adding Integers
Sect 5 - Subtracting Integers
Disk 2
Sect 6 - Multiplying Integers
Sect 7 - Dividing Integers
Sect 8 - Powers and Exponents
Sect 9 - Order of Operations

Sample Clips From This 5 Hour DVD Course:

Unlock the Power of your TI-84 / TI-83 Graphing Calculator!
This DVD will improve your usage of the TI-84 / TI-83 calculator or your money back!
Total DVD Run Time: 8 Hours
Disk 1

Section 1: Overview of the Calculator
Section 2: The Mode Menu
Section 3: Basic Arithmetic and Exponents
Section 4: Logarithms and Square Roots
Section 5: Sin, Cos, Tan
Section 6: Scientific Notation and Storing Variables
Section 7: The Math Menu and Catalog Menu
Section 8: Convert between Fractions and Decimals
Section 9: Finding the Min and Max of a Function
Section 10: Calculating Derivatives and Integrals
Section 11: Absolute Value, Rounding, and Integers
Section 12: Converting between Degrees and Radians
Section 13: Working with Complex Numbers

Disk 2

Section 14: Using the Equation Solver
Section 15: Graphing and Tracing Functions
Section 16: Using Tables and Split Screen Modes
Section 17: Find the Exact Value of a Function Using Graphing
Section 18: Finding the Zeros of a Function using Graphing
Section 19: Finding the Max and Min of a Function using Graphing
Section 20: Finding Intersections of Functions using Graphing
Section 21: Finding the Derivative of a Function by Graphing
Section 22: Calculating the Definite Integral by Graphing
Section 23: Drawing on a Graph
Section 24: Graphing and Tracing Sequences

Disk 3

Section 25: Graphing and Tracing Parametric Equations
Section 26: Converting between Rectangular and Polar Coordinates
Section 27: Graphing and Tracing Polar Equations
Section 28: Permutations, Combinations, and Factorial
Section 29: Working with Histograms and Box Plots
Section 30: Graphing Statistical Scatter Plots
Section 31: Calculating Mean, Median, Standard Deviation, and more
Section 32: Performing Statistical Regression
Section 33: Calculating with Matrices
Section 34: Solving Systems of Equations with Matrices
Section 35: Calculating Interest Rates
Section 36: Calculating Mortgages and Loans
Section 37: Calculating Savings and Investments

Joyful & blessed homeschooling to you!
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