The hour is now upon us!  Woot-Woot!
Yes, it is official, I am a nerd.  I just cannot help getting excited about fellowship with Christian educators, new school books and workshops.  Is this sad, or what?

I hope all my readers are equipped for this weekend.  Be ready for some great Christian fellowship and inspiring speaking . . . and the essential chocolate and coffee, of course.

Don't miss your chance to fellowship!  REGISTRATION Online is still open.  The conference will include speakers, lunch, 3 workshops, curriculum fair and used curriculum sale - $20 if you register online.  Registration will be open at the door on Saturday morning for $30.00 per person.  REGISTER today and save!

Here is what you have to look forward to enjoying THIS Saturday, July 21st:
  • Inspirational Speakers: KEYNOTE SPEAKER Connie Hughes on "The Marathon of Homeschooling and Guest Speaker Reverend Nigel Ali speaking on "Generational Mothers".
  • Musical Entertainment: Worship songs from The Burkett Sisters
  • Original and Resourceful Workshop Presenters: 3 Workshops included with registration.
  • LUNCH (that someone else prepared - Hello?!? That's gold right there ladies!)
  • Fellowship with other Christian home educators, OUTSIDE your home.
  • Homeschool resources and bargains at the Show-N-Tell Curriculum Fair and Used Curriculum Swap Shop.
  • A day away from the house and the noise that accompanies its joys! :)
See you at conference ladies!

Happy Homeschooling!
The Joyful Socks Mom     

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