Top 10 Reasons We ♥ Notebooking

1.  Notebooking promotes self-discipline.  When you spend time preparing children with research tools and resources, they learn to discipline themselves in whatever subject they are studying.

2.  Notebooking teaches organizational skills.  Utilizing notebooking helps your child see the importance of consistent organization and its many benefits.

3.  Notebooking promotes a true partnership in education, between teacher and student.  When we use notebooking, it helps promote a better mentor relationship between myself and my children.

4.  When travels and daily life give you brochures, pamphlets, programs and snap shots, notebooks give you a purposeful place for them to go!

5.  Creativity can abound and thrive during the notebooking process.  My children enjoy sharing ideas with one another and using their different sets of skills and talents to produce awesome notebooks.

6.  Notebooking gives the teacher the ability to quickly assess a students areas of both strength and weakness.  Keeping notebooks eases my grading load and keeps everything at my fingertips ready to assess.

7.  Notebooking allows children to develop their own resource book, allowing them to quickly find references they need for instruction, self-discipline and self-government.

8.  If it was good enough for George, it should be good enough for me!  The discipline of educating one's self is nothing new.  Our founding fathers were dedicated to relating and recording all they had learned in order to walk in wisdom.  Take a hint from the men who built this nation. . . notebook!

9.  Notebooking gives a child a true sense of accomplishment.  When the year is over they can look back at all they have learned and accomplished with pride.

10.  Notebooking teaches good-stewardship, teaching our students it is better to produce than to consume!  It is like having your child become their own textbook author!

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Happy Notebooking!

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  1. Great top 10 list. We are also a notebooking family. Your list encourages me as a homeschool mom that I'm on the right track.

    1. Love the Notebooking. I have felt for a while that is something that helps ME stay organized and consistent too! Boy howdy, do I need that or what?


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