Are You A Grudge-Holding Mommy?

Let us set the scene.

The child has been thoroughly and carefully instructed in behavior expectations during an important church event.  Child confirms that they understand and will behave accordingly.  Child then proceeds to embarrass parents at church event, and even after gentle reminders and verbal prompting, does not correct said behaviors.  Ugh!

Yep, your kid just acted like, well . . . a kid!
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What is your response?  Gentle discipline?  Heart-to-heart talk?  Reach for God's Word?  

Nope.  None of the above.  You get hacked-off and give your child the silent treatment for the entire day.  You may even go for breaking the grudge-holding world record, if you feel like it!

When I say "you" of course, I mean your's truly . . . Also know as, well, me!

Let's just chalk this one up as something that the LORD is graciously still working on in me.  You know, the whole grace and mercy thing.  Just not my strong suit.

What I have learned over the years is to take a long look at myself, and my mental or emotional status when I have my child's behavior under the proverbial microscope.  Low and behold, I typically find that I am the problem and most people don't really see the irritating behavior of my children.  Just me.

How am I learning to cut-out the grudge holding?

  • Surrender: Realizing that I am not the end-all-beat-all parent is a big step in the right direction.  I have to continually acknowledge that God is ultimately in control and He has a plan for my "goofy" kid.  I am His "goofy" kid too . . . I guess that makes us even, right?
  • Relax:  When I am seeing every little thing wrong in my child's behavior, it typically means I am looking for a fault.  MAN, am I glad other's don't do me the way I do my kids some times!  If my child is engaging in a behavior that neither hurts them, or someone else, mentally, physically or spiritually, than it is more than likely something that just annoys me.  Let it ride! Just being still, enjoying fellowship, having a cup of tea, and generally not acknowledging my kid is in the same room is (sometimes, not always) a good idea.
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  • Prayer:  Praying continually and without ceasing.  This is the greatest lesson of parenthood for me.  Whispering sweet S.O.S's up to God is a faith building exercise that reminds us of what this is really all about.  Him, His glory, His kid . . . not me.
  • Thankfulness:  Tragedy happens.  Life hurts.  Bad things happen to good people.  This is fact.  I should be ever remembering and mindful of the blessings of having a kid.  A good kid.  A healthy kid.  A kid who loves me.  Others would give all that they have in this world to have that!  I am thankful for my kids.
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Do you struggle with the grudge-match too?  Say a prayer for me, I'll be praying for you too!

Joyfully Learning with You,

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