Texas Art: It's Not All Trucks & Bluebonnets Ya'll

Thank you once again Hollywood, for perpetuating the stereotypes and planting preconceived notions into people's mind.  

You know what I mean right?  All people from New York are rude, and would rather step on your face than look at you.  All people from Utah are Mormon   All Californians are vegetarian hippies . . . well, you get the picture.

All Texans chew tobacco, ride horses and trucks, and are country bumpkins!

I despise stereotypes and dealing in emphatic attitudes about others.  One of my biggest pet peeves.  You might have already figured that out though.  I mean, I am the Christian homeschool mom that wears crazy socks with my long skirts . . . 

Texans are, in fact, educated.  Texans do possess culture.  Texans are proud of their heritage.  Here are just a few: Van Cliburn. Scott Joplin.  Debbie Reynolds.  Larry McMurtry.  Woody Harrelson (never-mind, bad example).


The point is this.  Texas is big.  Texas is proud.  Texas has culture and a rich heritage.  All of this, to share some of our upcoming homeschool plans, focusing on our great Lone Star State.  I am excited (can you tell?) to share some of the resources and curriculum we are utilizing during the coming month in our Texas studies.

We will begin with Art & History.  

The kids and I were most privileged to participate in our hometown's celebration of Texas Independence Day.  This allowed the children and I many hours of studying and preparing.  I will be sharing in a couple of weeks the new curriculum that we used to study the exciting Texas History that we shared and reenacted during the Texas Independence Day Festival.

Until then, we are moving on to famous Texas Artists & their works.  This has been a good pausing point in our current art study.  So, I invite you to un-saddle your horse, hang up your cowboy hat and spurs, and enjoy some classic art (and some not so classy art) from the great state of Texas!  
ORIGINAL PHOTO CREDIT via Compfight.com cc

You can see the works we will be studying by following our Texas Art board on Pinterest.

AND Here are some of the works that my artists produced for our local celebration:
The Bug's sketch of the Alamo mission
Squeaker built this lovely sculpture from clay of the Alamo at San Antonio Bexar
Portrait of Colonel William Barrett Travis by The Squeaker
. . . AND, the project only a unique homeschooler could do - The Texas Independence Heroes in Origami by The Scout.  He's an original, what can I say?

Joyfully Learning with You,
The Joyful Socks Mom 

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