10 Kid-Made Gifts for Giving {My Favorite Things}

I love to help my children create!  It is one of My Favorite Things, to see the joy in a child as they have complete something purposeful and worthwhile  with their own little hands.  I believe that children are people, and in general, are not given enough credit for having excellent ideas, and for being able to be diligent and productive individuals.  This is one of many reasons that I believe in handicrafts and generational crafting with your children.

During and before (if I am really prepared, which is hardly ever) the holiday gift giving season, I plan a handcrafting session with each of my children.  I set aside time to help them create purposeful and meaningful gifts to give to their friends and relatives.  It is a precious time for both child and parent and has become a tradition we all look forward to.  I truly believe that those gifts that are made with willing hands really translate a loving heart to the receiver.

So, as a part of My Favorite Things series, I have compiled a list of gifts that kids can create and give.  I hope you will set some time aside to create with your children too, and show them how wonderful it is to make with your hands and give with your heart!

Few more that we are working on this year:

What are your kid's giving as gifts this year?

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