Thanks Freezing & Celebrating the Light {Weekend Reflecting}

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Celebrating biblical holidays together as a family.

Reflecting on the week with joy; come good, bad, or indifferent . . .

The destructive combination of fresh homemade apple cider
& apple cider donuts!
This weekend reflecting post may be a tiny bit longer, as I have not rightly reflected in a couple of weeks.  Life has been full and fast around the Mac house since Thanksgiving . . . okay, well, I guess it really is usually that way.  Thus is life in this blessed season.

  We spent the Thanksgiving weekend trying to remove our family from the "mainstream" scene, which included an overnight camping trip and visit to Homestead Heritage, our family's absolute Disneyland.  What can I say?  We are easy to please and entertain.  We did enjoy our "anti-Black Friday" shopping, handcrafting, learning and fellowship.  The down side . . . camping in 37 degree weather and waking up to the quite plummeted temperature of 27 degrees.  Look, we are lite-weights people . . . this is Texas, for the love of Peter Parker! 
The Bug is in her element when she is a Homestead Fair!
I think she looks like Holly Hobby.
The Squeaker was too cool to be "totally" into handicrafts,
but she still had a few smiles.
We ran home after the fair to get the Scout all healed up from the flu, and begin celebrating our Hanukkah Family Nights.  It felt a bit rushed and harried at first, but we settled back into the swing quite nicely since this is our fourth year of biblical holidays, so we have some established traditions by now.  My favorite parts of celebrating Hanukkah, and the biblical holidays, is that our family gets to celebrate Jesus as Messiah!  I am ever in awe that we get to see Him as the fulfillment of all the scriptures, Law and prophets.  We celebrate how blessed we are as Christians to see Christ this way.  I also love that in all the biblical holidays teach my children, and they are actively engaged in learning more of God's Word and principles.
Nurse Mommy was on duty with The Scout just after Thanksgiving
. . . take that type A flu!  Got him all well with prayer & essential oils.
First night of Hanukkah gift was a big hit -
One Pound Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!  No really, One Pound, for real!
Hanukkah festivities saw the kids, and parents, enjoying our 25 year old brother (Monkey Boy) who isn't usually here for our celebration, and a fun fellowship with a local friend.  Then to top it off with more exciting news . . . ICE!  Which I know is not a big deal for our friends up North, but it causes quite a bit of panic here in Texas.  No offense, but I was enjoying many of the posts on Facebook from local friends for sheer entertainment reading the hysterical stories of "staying home" with iced in kids from public school . . . 
I be like, huh? I do this everyday folks.  Now, being iced in with my husband was a whole other story that I would rather defer. 
Ice day picture of the most adorable 10 year old on the block!
Now, we are raring up for a bit of a break from homeschool co-op (which I totally need) and readying our home for out-of-town guests, especially Granny & it looks like my two favorite cutie twin nieces!  Auntie Joyful Socks will be on full time duty, but this is the kind of "hard labor" I can get into without complaints.
Here is the snowman, or technically ICEMAN,
that the kids created last week.
What I'm reading this week . . .  
  • A Thomas Jefferson Education
  • Miniature Gardening by: Janit Calno was a little gem of a book I found at our local library.  Big Daddy Mac and I have enjoyed scanning its pages for inspiration & think we may have actually found a hobby we might enjoy together.  The downside to this book is that it is a sure sign that one or both of us is getting older . . . I vote for him.
Most enjoyable read of Gardening in Miniature
What we are Reading-A-Loud . . . 
What the Kids are Reading . . . 

The Squeaker: The Light & The Glory, The Great Little Madison by: Jean Fritz, The Swiss Family Robinson
The Scout:  The Light & The Glory, The Great Little Madison by: Jean Fritz, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Bug: Number the Stars, The Dairy of Anne Frank (she is readying for a Holocaust Project that will include her teaching a class to her peers at co-op.  She is most excited.)

Mommy Projects I tackled . . . 
  • Etsy Shop is up and running!  Go check it out.  Adding more and more each day as the creative juices tend to get it full swing when I am breaking and resting more at home.
  • Compiled all the grades for co-op history classes & finished progress reports.  Woot-Woot.  This is the only down side to teaching . . . you know, grading!

New item from my Etsy Shop: Handmade Crochet Large Mug Cozy

Here are the posts I enjoyed this week . . .

My big recommendation of the week is this new e-book by Katie from Kitchen Stewardship entitled, The Healthy Breakfast Book.  Great recipes, tips and ideas for some great real food breakfasts . . . just in time for those out-of-town guests. ;)

Joyfully Learning with You,

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