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As we end a week of Shakespeare fun & fellowship, I hope your ready to rev up your homeschool to welcome a bit of the Bard.  Let the question not be, "to be, or not to be?", but let the question be when?  The answer there is, there is no time like the present!

I have prepared this list of Shakespeare resources hoping to include only that which I believe to be the most enriching to an excellent stud of Shakespeare.  I have also focused on plays that are appropriate for the family, as well as resources that are easy to implement and require few "start up" materials.

The Complete Works of Shakespeare
Resources below are listed topically, by play, that may be of interest to a home educator,  I have also linked each title to a FREE download of the corresponding play:

Charles & Mary Lamb's Shakespeare is a great version to begin introducing your family to Shakespeare's story lines and themes. (FREE download from Gutenberg.org)

Try this Free from Librivox, Lamb's Shakespeare on Audio.

No Fear Shakespeare is also FREE online from Spark Notes.  This resource has aligned the original Shakespearean text and compares with modern language on the same page.

Shakespeare In Your Homeschool:

Notebooking with Shakespeare:

Shakespeare Gets Techy: There's an app for that!  Here are a few of my personal favorite Shakespeare apps.
  • Shakespeare in Bits (Pay per play, but Sample Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet).  My daughter loves watching these.  They are animated with Shakespearean costuming and excellent actor's voice-overs. 
  • Shakespeare Made Easy. Great resource for beginners.  Helps translate Shakespeare to make the language more accessible to modern readers.
  • Collected Works of Shakespeare on iTunes.
  • Shakespeare Lit Quiz app by Book Rags.  Lite FREE version and you can purchase more content if you need it.
  • ShakeShare: Shareable Quotes - If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen some of my posts.  Some of the #hashtags produced by this app are totally hilarious (of course, you all know how easy I am to entertain.

Articles On Shakespeare:  This is a short collection of some of my favorite online reading regarding Shakespeare and the teaching of the Bard.
Joyful Socks on The Bard: Of course, let's not forget yours truly.
One final recommendation that I would ask you to indulge.  This wonderful inspirational book on Shakespeare by Peter J. Leithart.  The book, Brightest Heaven of Invention,  is a guide through six of Shakespeare's plays from a distinctively Christian worldview.  I own this book, and find it a consistent inspiration and a constant reminder that insights from Shakespeare plays, however distant; are still complex, relevant and worth digging into!

"The play's the thing!" ~ William Shakespeare

I hope that you enjoy discovering all the wonderful ideas and thoughts that Shakespeare has to lend both you and your children.

Joyfully Learning with You,

The Joyful Socks Mom 

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  1. Thank you for this list of resources, Heather! I'm not a home school mum, but I'm a teacher who has a lot of respect for home schoolers (having been home schooled myself for a few years as a child - my academic growth definitely stagnated when I was put back into the education system! I can see a lot of benefits to home schooling and will probably do so myself when I have kids of my own). I'm planning Shakespeare resources and units and this gives me a good starting place for activities. So thanks again!
    ~ Elissa @teach_resources on twitter :)


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