Top 10 + Sci-Fi & Futuristic Books for Teens

Or, otherwise entitled, How-To Keep Your Teen Son Reading!
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In a culture of technology and Insta-everything, the struggle to encourage our children to be dedicated readers is real. I believe the struggle is compacted when you have a teenager, or in my case, a teenage son.  

With my teen son the pull of technology and gaming appears, some days, to threaten his love of reading that we have spent years building.  Keeping him reading means helping him choose living books that will engage his increasing need for adrenaline.  Please note that I used the world "help" and NOT "demand".  There is a distinct difference, and as a home educator I get all too comfortable with issuing demands to my teens, rather than reach for a gently invitation.
No worries, I have my go-to list of good books for action-packed, spine-tingling, science-fiction & futuristic dreaming!
Once you have acquired a few of these great reads, leave them lying around your teens room or desk area.  Nonchalantly (that means act like it's no big deal) mention you picked up a few science fiction books that you thought your teen might want to check-out.  As far as humanly possible, make it look like it was their idea and not yours.  Just a suggestion.

Do you have some good teen reading tucked away for a rainy day?  Share with the class!

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