Rowing This Week:FI♥AR The Story of Ferdinand

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The Story of Ferdinand
by: Munro Leaf
Drawings by: Robert Lawson

Five in a Row
Resources have been included to help inspire FIAR Homeschool families in their "Rowing' journeys as well.  Enjoy and comment!  We would love to know what you are "rowing' too!

*Note: Five in a Row {FIAR} is made to be a five day curriculum - as we only attend Co-op 3 days per week, I will post what we have done in class and fun resources for that you may want to do at home. (Not REQUIRED homework - just some family fun options.) 

"Rowing" the Week (@ Co-op)
MARCH 19th - 25th, 2012
We were back from Spring Break and the kids were all animated with the joy of Spring.  I was glad to have had a book that added to their joy.  We read The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf.  We were only able to "row" this book for two days while at Co-op, as Tuesday proved much too busy after our Healthy Buddy H-E-B field trip.  

I was excited that the kids almost immeadiately noticed the drawings were done by Robert Lawson, the author of They Were Strong and Good (our row from the week before break).  This is a wonderful book for Spring and the kids enjoyed all the themes and elements in this book.

Here is what we did in class:
Geography: We rowed back to Europe this week from the US, across the Atlantic to Spain.  The kids found the point on their own Map Mats (affiliate link) and then we pinned our story disk on the classroom Rowing Board.

(It is beginning to look quite decorative on that side of the room now.  I'll include some pictures later.)

Art: We illustrated our FIAR Passports.  Here is one that I liked completed by the Horse Lover, she is such a budding artist & writer.  Talent blooms in our classroom!
Science: We discussed the signs of spring and enjoyed a tasty flower snack.  We made flowers using banana slices to be the center and sliced strawberries as our flower petals.

Social Studies:  We discussed traditional flamenco dancing from Spain and watched this clip of traditional flamenco dancers.

Foreign Language: Spanish
We were sure to read and discuss this book just before Spanish today.  We learned some bullfighting terms: Matador, Torro

We tie-dyed some of these cute little Coffee Filter Flowers and attached with a pipe cleaner so all the "lovely ladies" would have "flowers in their hair".
Here is a one such "lovely lady".

Just for fun we took a peek at this classic Bug's Bunny cartoon and discussed the traditional Spanish elements in the bullfighting scenes.  Hey, it was educational . . . between giggles!

Super fun rowing week for all.  Hope you and your family have a great time rowing too!

Happy Homeschooling

The Joyful Socks Mom 
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