A Well-Spent Summer Journal: The Week at the Texas Capital

The Week at the Capital of Texas

The girls and I took off last month on a journey to our state's capital . . . the largest state capital in the U.S. (of course).  We are still journaling our "Summer Well-Spent" while continuing the fun and learning during our summer schooling.  Here is just a bit of the fun!
Here the Squeaker and the Bug are at our hotel.  Kids are so funny, they just love hotels.  Fancy ones, cheap ones . . . it just does not even seem to matter.

Here is the Bug with her big bubba . . . let's just call him Mr. Monkey . . . trust me, he would not be offended!  He lives and works in Austin and we had some quality hang-out time.  Awesome!

Here the kids are observing the most OBVIOUS of any "public announcement" sign we have ever seen.  You know, I sure am thankful they pointed out that birds roost in trees!Things that make you go hmmm. . .

Dessert!  Enough said.

Here are the kids at their brother's apartment putting on a musical perfomance for mommy.  I thought his place looked not so bad for a single guy's pad. 

A Hero's Reward exhibit at the Capitol.  We love our Texas history.

The cowgirls take on Austin.  Too cute!

We loved this monument outside the capitol building.  It was donated by the Boys Scouts of America as a dedication to perserving the liberty and freedom this country was built on.  The girls thought it was so cool that it was Scout-related.  (I'm thinking they are missing their brother - the Scout is visiting family in Houston).
Here is the Squeaker at Barton Springs.  It is a pool that is fed by a natural underground aquafier.  This makes it freeeeeezing cold, even in the 102 degree Texas heat . . .
. . . can you tell the Bug thinks it's too cold!?!

The girl's favorite part of our trip?  The hotel pool!  What can I say? . . . we are easy to entertain folks.

Hope you are all having a Summer Well-Spent!

Happy homeschooling!


  1. I love teh Birds sign, looks like you guys are having an awesome summer! Came by from Coffee House this morning. We are homeschoolers too!

  2. Looks like a blast! Happy summer to you!


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