Knot-A-Scarf: Fun Idea for Handicrafts with Girls

I originally found this Pinteresting idea from Dollar Store Crafts, which is one of my favorite blogs . . . obviously, I am crafty and cheap frugal!  Why wouldn't I love it?  We have lovingly dubbed this project, the Knot-A-Scarf!  Aren't we just too clever?!?

The knotted-scarf is a super easy handicraft project that is great for beginners to crochet.  The only stitches used are the basic beginning stitches (slip stitch & chains - single crochet), which makes it an excellent project for handicrafts with kids, for the purpose of home education.  The girls and I have had so much fun with these scarves that we have expanded our knotted-scarf portfolio.

The Bug (only 9 years old), began using the French knitting method to create the lovely little strands necessary to construct these adorable Knot-A-Scarves.

She sells her French Knit Knot-A-Scarf at handicraft and folk art festivals and fairs.  It has really given her a sense of accomplishment to finish a project of quality worthy of resale.  Which, of course, is the goal.  Giving her a hand craft to carry forward into adulthood.

Check out the easy to follow tutorial on crocheting knotted scarves HERE.

* Here is a really neat video that they showed at a Women's Conference this spring.  Many of these techniques will work with our KNOT-A-SCARF ----->

Are you just not a Do-It-Yourself "junkie" like me?  If you are interested in purchasing a Knot-A-Scarf from our family, simply email me to order your own.

The Joyful Socks Mom 

P.S.  Here is my knot joke:

Rope goes into a fancy restaurant to eat.  The snooty host will not seat him stating, "You are a rope.  We do not serve your kind here."

Disappointed the rope runs into the alley and messes up his hair, then ties himself up.  He returns inside to try and get seated.

The host exclaims again, "I thought I told you to leave.  You are a rope!  We don't serve your kind here."

The rope looks at him with confidence and exclaims, "I'm a-frayed knot!" 

I know, I know . . . I'm easy to entertain!
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