Wacky Science: Mac-Cyber Science Fair! Are YOU Ready?


This week on Wacky Science, we will be encouraging our readers to head on over to the Mac-Cyber Science Fair and register for the Science Fair today!  You can register directly from the information page by emailing Mrs. Mac.  Once you have completed the registration, you will receive a Cyber Fair Information Packet via email.  This will give you all the instructions and guidelines for helping your child to complete their project and have it posted by the deadline (March 3, 2010).  Go HERE to register.

Be on the look-out this weekend for the SPONSORS & PRIZE page that will be added to the Mac-Cyber Science Fair.  We have lots of great things planned to reward our budding Scientists!
Sorry Parents!  I could not resist!

Here is a great resource for getting you Elementary student started on their project:

Elementary Science Fair Planning Guide HERE

Please contact Mrs. Mac or make a comment below if you have any questions regarding the Mac-Cyber Science Fair.

*Help us get the word out!* Follow this link to help spread the word & enter the Homeschool Giveaway! HERE 

See You at the Fair!

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