5 Ways to Make Spelling Fun!

Spelling does not have to be a chore, nor the designated time of the day for a complete melt down.  It is true that less than 25 % of students can actually be classified as "natural spellers".  This, simply put, means that most people will not retain properly the correct spelling of a word by sheer memorization.  However, it does not mean that there is no hope for the other 75 % of us who live for Spell Check!  

What to do?  Take a few minutes to re-evaluate your spelling curriculum.  Is it serving your student?  It is easy to use during spelling instruction for you as a home educator with mass amounts of responsibilities on your plate?  Once you have determined if you are staying or leaving your current spelling curriculum simply use these nifty suggestions to enrich your spelling instruction.

1. READ, BUILD, WRITE!  This is a method that inspired me as a teacher having learned it from Carissa at 1+1+1=1 blog.  Read your spelling words, Build your spelling words and Write your spelling words.  The children read the spelling words, either from a pre-printed list, or from the board.  Then they use manipulatives to "build" the word.  During Co-op we used scrabble pieces and letter tiles, and at home we use Spill and Spell.  After they have built the word, then they write the word.  We use this exercise at home for handwriting practice, however; we use the dry erase board for writing our spelling words a Co-op.

{We worked in groups, once a week, to Read! Build! and Write! during Spelling practice.  Here, the Bug, Mr. Fix-it and the Scholar practice spelling together.}


{Here is a photo of the Bug's Spill and Spell set that we use at home.}

2.  Dough You Spell?  You don't?  Well sister, you may be missing out on some more spelling fun and an opportunity to grow that love of learning.  Most likely, when you give your student a lump of clay or play dough, they will not mind spelling practice as before.  We use this method at Co-op and at home for spelling practice.
{I purchased clay and a small container for each student in my co-op class.}

Basically, I give each student their spelling word list, clay and a blank sheet of writing paper.  They mold the clay into ropes to use in making letters for spelling.  The child reads the word, then uses their clay or play-dough to spell the word out.  Next, they use the word in a complete sentence, writing each sentence down on their writing paper.  This method is especially beneficial to the kinesthetic learners and children with learning differences, but fun for everyone.

3.  Use MEMORY AIDS: Writing silly songs, rhymes and poems can help a child with spelling retention.  This, of course, is great for writing and grammar practice as well.  Here is an example:

Sight word: please
Mr. Please did not sneeze,
Mr. Please sniffed with ease.

4. SPELLING GAMES: Homophones Game is a simple, yet fun game that we use to match the meanings to the correct spelling of homophone words.  
We simply take the homophone words we are learning, like night and knight.  We use index cards with the word on one card and the definition on the other, for the younger kids we put a picture on the back of each card to help jog the memory if needed.  We use typically a stack of index cards and play a relay race, seeing who can sort out the correct spelling with the correct definition.

There are not many spelling curriculum packages out their, and none with the caliber of promise delivered by All About Spelling!  I have been actively investigating this curriculum for a couple of years and now have had the opportunity to observe it up close.  The kids and I have received All About Spelling, Level 1 and Level 2 in order to review the curriculum during our summer schooling time.  We are already using this amazing curriculum and will have a Review post ready for you by mid-June. . . so be on the look out.  

Let's provide some creative learning opportunities during spelling practice today, and reap some reward for planting a love for learning later down the road.

Happy Homeschooling!
The Joyful Socks Mom     

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