Summer Reading to Inspire Fun and Learning

I know as home educators it is easy to get caught up in summer "extras" - summer camps, family visits, day camps, vacation bible school, etc.  These are all fun and valuable summer happenings, but let us not get so busy that we neglect the most valuable summer pastime . . . READING!  Of course, in a home with no television, my kids have learned to love reading in all seasons, out of sheer necessity.  ;)

{The Scout displaying his "secret" super power - READING!}

There are plethora of choices in reading materials, but my philosophy would denote that not ALL are worthy of reading.  I love the classics and living books, and lovingly attempt to steer my kids in these directions.  However, all my picky-ness is thrown to the wind when summer reading arrives.  Typically I only allow the kids to choose books based on whether a book is "nutritional" or not.  Nutritional: A book that is good for the mind, as foods should be good for the body.  During the summer, I do allow the kids to choose one "junk food" book per library visit.  Exception: If the book is detrimental to the child's mind, body or spirit the answer is "No!" . . . otherwise, it is summer, live a little!

Summer and reading go hand and hand, but sometimes we all need a little motivation and encouragement.  Here are a few fun activities, tips and ideas for keeping the Reading-train rolling down the track this summer:
Making Book Report Dioramas 
Here is a report completed recently by the Bug, who is going into 3rd Grade.
Yes, that is Jack and Annie from the Magic Tree house series, depicted here in Buffalo Before Breakfast and using toilet paper rolls.  She was so proud of her work she gave it to the librarian, since it was a book she checked-out.

Main Character Sculptures
Here the Squeaker had only just begun her book.  She completed a characterization and narration of the main characters in the first five chapters of Dragonspell.  Then she used clay to sculpt out what she thought they looked like.

Lego Book Report
The Scout, 12 years old and ALL boy, used his Legos to depict his reading (plus some fiber filling material for smoke).  He just finished the classic The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  He also completed a book report using descriptive writing methods.

  • MAKE IT A FAMILY THING: When completing books, make it a reason to celebrate and share.  We usually have presentations after supper, so the kids can share what they have completed with the entire family.  They are usually excited about sharing these with Dad, so it gives them the opportunity to try public speaking and includes daddy in our summer schooling fun.

Don't forget to pick-up a fun book for yourself mom!

Happy Summer Schooling!
The Joyful Socks Mom  
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  1. These are great ideas! Thanks for giving me some fun reading things to do with my kids this summer!

    1. You are most welcome Mary! I have some more summer schooling fun coming your way. See you soon!


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