How-To Help Kids to Embrace Biblical Gender Roles

This is one of those areas of teaching our children that we fall into many of the traditional values and methods . . . embracing biblical gender roles.  We are dedicated to helping our children to embrace who God made them to be.  He has made us both male and female, different, yet equal in His love for us. Teaching our children to embrace what God created them to be in Christ is essential, the next step is to help them understand the differences in responsibility and dominion that God has given us as men and women.

"Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; Submitting yourselves  unto one another in the fear of God." Ephesians 5:20 - 21 (NKJV)

We have been dedicated recently to not only teaching our children how to embrace their specific gender roles, but also to teach them how to relate to one another in those gender roles.  God judges our heart in every duty we undertake.  We must realize it is not just enough, as a lady, to bake a big batch of cookies, wear poofy-sleeved dresses, sip tea and where a skirt, play with dolls and put a "GIRLS ONLY" sign on our lives.  We need to help our children to cultivate a godly attitude when serving and helping the opposite gender, that means boys and girls.  God judges the heart, not the deed.

There is nothing particularly new, or even creative about some of the methods we are using in teaching our children about gender roles.  The girls learn to sew, crochet, latch-hook, bake and organize a home.  The boy camps out with dad, learns to whittle and work in the wood-shop.  The girls learn to be meek and gentle, chaste keepers of the home (P.S.  Mom, has not even got that one down . . . yet).  The boy, learns to work, while being a provider, strong and courageous, ready to lead.  That is just where the training begins, though.  Now it is time to "step-up our game".  How do we teach our children to have a Christ-like heart for serving and helping the opposite gender?

1.  Use gender specific curriculum to help your child cultivate their talents within their given gender role.  Then encourage them to see when they have similarities and why they have them.  A little girl who builds a fort alongside her brother will be far more likely learn that, as women, we can support the vision of our husbands by working with him, not just shutting ourselves in a cookie baking, "sweet-tea", powered-sugar pink lady world!
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{We have been thoroughly enjoying this audio cd from Vision Forum.  Especially the Squeaker who struggles with the "girly" side of femininity.}

2.  Help your child understand differences in our responsibilities as male and female.  God put differences there for a reason too.  Children should have a sense of pride in being a girl or boy, without going to the extreme.

3.  Cultivate gender roles within the home as a way for helping children to learn to be good husbands and wives in the future.  The more that parents project their own biblical gender roles in a consistent manner, the more the children will learn to appreciate their own gender roles, and emulate what they see at home.

4.  Help your children view their siblings in the light of God's Word and as a God-given relationship that will help them train up for later life.

5.  Encourage them in seeing the vision that God has for the family and that He uses each member to accomplish His Will.  That makes everyone's God-given role important!
{Here are the kids before a tea party that the Bug hosted}

Enjoy, with your kids, the beauty that can be seen in each and every blessing and talent that comes from God, and give thanks that He has made us all to be who we are in Christ.  

The Joyful Socks Mom     

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