Word Play! Fun Activity for Summer Schooling + {Giveaway}

We have a fun little giveaway at the end . . . so stay with me . . . 

We have recently re-discovered a fun and educational activity to use throughout the summer.  Word Play! is a fun way to teach idioms and common word phrases, while enhancing your problem solving skills. . . plus, we laugh heartily when we are playing.  We have had several puzzle books over the years and have enjoyed them enough to create our own Word Play! puzzles.

Word Play! is a puzzle that teases the brain while supplying a language lesson and some fun.  Each word picture is a common phrase or word that has been written in such a way to convey it's meaning.  You must decode the puzzle by deciphering the meaning with the position of the word, number of words, letters and sizes of the words.

Ready to play?  Here is a sample Word Play! puzzle.  Take time to look at the clues in the puzzle and you will begin to see patterns that help you to solve each puzzle.  
 1.  Famous story about the Wilder family.
ANSWER: Little House in the Big Woods

Got it?  Good!  Now, sit down with the kids and have a little fun with these Word Play! puzzles:

2.  Take this to work to tote your meal.

3.  The ultimate goal for a running back.

4.  A person that is practical and no-nonsense.

Okay, now for the giveaway.  Here is a fun little Summer Schooling Prize Pack.
The prize pack includes a Classic Games Wooden Brain Teaser puzzles, and 3 Scholastic books: Flight 29 Down, Chu Ju's House and The Secret School.

How to enter?  Complete the Word Play! puzzles above and leave your answers in the comments below.  That's it!  Entries for this prize pack will stay open until June 20, 2012 at midnight.  The winner will be chosen at random and notified via email before June 21, 2012.  

So let's have a little brain teasing Word Play! fun for Summer Schooling, shall we?

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