Summer Homeschooling: Project List #1

Let's make Summer Schooling a challenge, shall we?  I will be posting our Summer Homeschooling Project List each week, with links to tutorials and how-to's for each project.  Join in the fun by doing the same projects, or share in the comments what you are planning for the week.  I would love to hear how everyone is spending their summer.

Here is the list of Summer Homeschooling fun that we have planned in the Mac home for this coming week, Summer Homeschooling Project List #1:
  • Solar S'mores: This fun outdoor cooker will deliver a tasty treat and a moment to discuss the sun.  Won't take anytime to cook this treat in the Texas summer sun!
  • Rock Candy: My kids are rarely allowed the luxury of sugar, so this little science experience has a sweet ending.
Rock Candy Sticks
{Rock Candy Sticks By Arkomas via Flickr}
Stop by and let us know what summer homeschooling fun that you have planned in your neck-of-the-woods.

Happy SUMMER Homeschooling!
The Joyful Socks Mom     

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