10 Craft Recipes for Homeschooling

In the tradition of the true homeschooling spirit, I submit the best craft recipes for those who are ready to just do it on there own.  That is pretty much every home educator out there . . . or else, why do you homeshool?  These are the most fun and most used crafting recipes in the Mac Homeschool.  Sticky? Yes.  Messy?  Mostly.  Fun?  TOTALLY!

1.  Homemade Glue: (no old nag required) Great recipes for all different types of glue including: paste, library paste, clear library paste, stamp gum and envelope mucilage. 
2.  Puff Paint: This is a new favorite.  This puff paint gives a new dimension to our masterpieces. 
3.  Bubbles:  My kids still love bubbles, mostly trying to defeat each other in bubble blowing contests.
4.  Bake-able Salt Dough:  Old favorite around here.  Great for projects and any number of gifts to be given at holidays.  You know the kind of gift that the recipient wonders, "And what is this supposed to be?"
5.  Play-Dough Still the best bet in our homeschool for making learning a bit less tedious.  We use play-dough for everything from sculpting to spelling!
Love to spell with the play-dough!
6.  Finger Paints: This multi-sensory painting experience is a good stress reliever in our house.  Oh, and I let the kids use it too!
7.  Sidewalk Chalk Paint: We love using this for art, language lessons, games and more.  One of the most multi-faceted recipes in our arsenal. 
8.  Paper Mache':  We love it because it's messy, fun and French! ;)
9.  Recycled Paper:  Okay, honestly this one is WAY more time consuming, but is a great lesson every now and again for special occasions.  Certainly teaches perseverance!
10.  Homemade Volcano:  I am officially listing this as a craft, because let's be honest . . . IT IS NOT A SCIENCE PROJECT!  (sorry, pet peeve coming out?)  It is still a fun recipe to whip up for enrichment, or in my case, because you have a boy with the innate need to see something explode.

Science Projects: Volcanoes,Geysers, and Earthquakes

Have any craft recipes that help you on your homeschooling journey?  Share them in the comments.

Happy Homeschool Crafting!
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  1. great list of art recipes! Thanks so sharing:)

    1. Welcome! Hope you can make a BIG AND FUN mess with them. ;)


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