Choosing Family Reading That R.O.C.K.s!

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I am a huge advocate for reading and an even bigger promoter of the family read aloud book!  Reading as a family has many benefits:
  • Promotes family discussion and cohesiveness
  • Reflects proper reading skills to younger children
  • Helps children build a broader range of vocbulary
Not just any book will do for the entire family.  A book has to have balance.  Families should only choose literature selections that R.O.C.K.!

Say what?  That's right, I said "R.O.C.K.! " This is my simple acronym that helps me in choosing books and literature for my family read-a-louds:

REAL - This means choosing living books.  Charlotte Mason was the originator of the phrase living book.  Home Hearts defines a living book as a book selection that ". . .  is usually written by an author who is very knowledgeable about his subject, many times in an experiential way. The author tends to write from a love of his subject, one that propels him to write with an enthusiasm that excites the imagination of the reader and carries him along as though experiencing the subject first-hand." Choosing books from authors that are both knowledgeable and passionate about their subject is imperative.  Enthusiasm is a great educator!

OBSERVATIONS - The books chosen should bring a clear observation about life and people.

CHARACTER - Choosing books that help to build good character and help a child attain real-world applications, are essential to home education.

KNOWLEDGE - The reading of a good book should teach a lesson or moral, and not just entertain.

Here are 25 Family Read Aloud Books that R.O.C.K.!

1.  In Freedom's Cause by: G.A. Henty
870662: In Freedom"s Cause
In Freedom's Cause

2.  Iron Men by: Howard Pyle
46944: Men of Iron
Men of Iron

3.  The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by: Howard Pyle

205B: The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood  

4. - 14. The entire "Hornblower" series by: C.S. Forester 

Mr. Midshipman HornblowerLieutenant HornblowerHornblower and the HotspurHornblower During the CrisisHornblower and the AtroposBeat to Quarters, Ship of the LineFlying ColoursCommodore HornblowerLord HornblowerAdmiral Horblower in the West Indies

15. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by: C.S. Lewis

16. Trial and Triumph by: Richard Hannula

67544: Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History

17. The Cabin Faced West by: Jean Fritz
The Cabin Faced West
Jean Fritz

18. The Big Little Madison by: Jean Fritz

19. Sign of the Beaver by: Elizabeth George Speare
The Sign of the Beaver
Elizabeth George Speare

20. Swiss Family Robinson by: Johann David Wyss

21. The Trapp Family Singers by: Maria Augusta Trapp
The Story of the Trapp Family Singers
Maria Augusta Trapp

22. The "Redwall" series by: Brian Jacques
302385: #2: Mossflower: A Tale of Redwall302378: #1: Redwall: Where Legends Are Made--A Tale of Redwood
Red Wall Series

23. Christian Heroes Tales: Then and Now series

582086: Christian Heroes, Books 1-5 Christian Heroes, Books 1-5

24. The Little Princess by: Frances Hodgson Burnett

25.  Little House series by: Laura Ingalls Wilder

Do you have any tried and true family read aloud books that R.O.C.K. too?  Be sure to leave a comment below on what books R.O.C.K. in your house!

Happy Family Reading!
The Joyful Socks Mom 

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