Fun Family Activities at Home - No Really, Just Stay-At-Home!

Does anyone ever feel that it would be wonderful to be a stay-at-home mom that ACTUALLY stayed at home?  This is exactly what I am longing for this week!  This is my official executive decision of the week . . . no extra-curricular junk this weekend.  I am staying at home, with my kids, and my hubby. 

Now, I'm giving you permission to do the same!  And here are a few fun activities to enjoy as a family this weekend:
  • Have a hot dog & marshmallow roast in the backyard (in the grill counts too).
  • Water balloon fight.
  • Chess or Checkers tournament.
  • Play dress-up with the kids and put on a play. . . for those of you who don't do this on a regular basis.
  • Take an afternoon bike ride, but ONLY IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!
  • Go through the old family albums and put pictures in the new albums. (Hide the pictures of you from high school in combat boots during prom, Oh wait, that's probably just me.)

Map. Compass.
  • Nature Scavenger hunt in your backyard.
  • Set outside and go star watching.
  • Finger painting - even mom and dad may find this a bit of a stress-reliever!
  • Play hopscotch in the driveway. (Be sure to have a camera on hand for when dad gives it a go. . . may be a bargaining chip at a later date. Just sayin.)
  • Cook a batch of cookies for your neighbors.
  • Make a family tree.
  • blister in the sun
  • Mix up a fresh batch of bubbles and head to the backyard for some major bubble blowing.
  • Lay in the yard a look at do a little cloud watching. (if clouds are actually available)
  • Plant some mums in the front yard to enjoy this fall.
  • Make a treasure map for the kids and let them enjoy finding the treasure. 
  • Rake the leaves (this sounds like work) but now you can all jump in them to scatter them about again.
  • Play a game of "Simon Says" or "Red light, Green light" with the kids in the backyard.

  • Collect different leaves and compare and contrast the leaves.  Then bring them in to create these lovely Leaf Sun-Catchers.
  • Plan a talent show to show case your families many, um, talents. ;)
  • Create art and designs using sticks, rocks, leaves, acorns and seeds from around the neighborhood.
Okay class, those are your marching orders.  So get up, don't get busy and sit back down!  Enjoy your family.

Happy Homeschooling!
The Joyful Socks Mom 

Where are we at?  
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