Mission R.A.K. Fall Edition

The fall is full of activity, fun and delight with so many events, parties and festivals.  A midst the revelry though, I don't want the kids to lose the focus of blessing those who are forgotten or passed over.  We have some exciting and fun missions to accomplish for the months of September and October.  I sat down with the kids and discussed what missions we most wanted to accomplish, and here is what they came up with:
  • Homeless Helping Bags: We don't have a lot of homeless here in our community, but we are in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex enough to see the suffering of those individuals.  It really is a major concern to the Scout.  We are gathering materials to make these useful bags. 

The bags are focused around items of immediate need that are difficult to get from homeless shelters due to demand. 
  • Hug-a-Home Educator:  How much do homeschool moms need a hug and a "Thank You"?  Well, we have plenty around us to experiment with. For this project the kids will be creating "FREE Hugs for Home Educators" signs to wear when at cooperative and church.  Nee a hug?  Look for a Mac kid!
  • Cookies for the Neighbors:  I wanted to try out some of these pinteresting cookie recipes.  Stack them up and give them away to bless others . . . and because Mommy cannot eat them!
Cookie 1: Breakfast Cookies  Cookie 2: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites  Cookie 3: Lacey Oatmeal Cookies

You so want to be my neighbor now, don't you?
  • Family Math Night for Homeschool Friends: Okay, this was a fun experiment, but quiet honestly we had more FAMILY than we had MATH!  We did Dips, Decimals and Dominoes . . . well, that was the theme anyway.  We definitely got in some decimals and there was dip for all.  Dominoes actually didn't happen - kids playing, parents talking, enough said.
We hope you will be inspired to go out into the world and be the light to someone in need.  Let us know if you have any R.A.K. plans.
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Practice Random Acts of Kindness Photo by mtsofan

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  1. We celebrated my son's birthday last year finding ways to serve in our own community. His next birthday is in three weeks and I can't wait to do it again! Thank you for the reminder!


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