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The fall season is busy and underway, with many extracurricular projects and events.  The weather is turning cooler already, thank the LORD, and we are really plugging away at our literature schedule.  Reading living books and classics has ensured that we slow down and take time in our busy day to have our minds and hearts quietly shaped.  I love that about good literature!
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Here is a quick look at what we have read during the last 6 weeks of school and what is on the shelves (or Kindle) for the next term.  I am also posting a few comments from the "Mac Kids" on what they thought about some of what we have read.

BOOKS WE'VE READ 1st Term - - - - -

Family Reading:
Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of the New World by: Josephine Pollard * We have been using this book as a read-aloud during our Unit Study of Columbus.  ( Purchased a copy for my eReader on Amazon for about $2.99)

Columbus Circle

The Cabin Faced West by: Jean Fritz* This book quickly became something to look forward to, for both kids and adults alike.  Jean Fritz is a lively author of American history and we treasure many of her books.  If your family loves the Little House series, then you should try the Hamilton's of Hamilton Hill on for size.

The Bug says, "Ann is a prairie girl with a deer-skin diary that I liked.  She tried to be a teacher to her friend, and I thought that was nice." (8 years old)

The Bug - 3rd Grade:
Aesop's Fables 
The Adventures of Pinocchio by: Carlo Collodi
The Bug says, "I love that Pinocchio is trying to be a good son.  He tried to save his father.  The book is hardly like the old Disney movie at all." (8 years old)

The Scout & The Squeaker - 7th Grade:
Carry on Mr. Bowditch by: Jean Lee Latham *

The Scout says, "Nat is very smart and he is willing to try things.  He says there is always a way to do things, even when it seems impossible.  I would like to be like that some day.  Am I like that Mom?" (13 years old)

Rudyard Kipling's Verse, Inclusive Edition 1885-1918


Family Reading:
Pilgrim's Progress by: John Bunyan
Palm Sunday

American History Stories, Volume 1 by: Mara L. Pratt, M.D.
Mr. Midshipman Hornblower  * by: C.S. Forester

The Bug - 3rd Grade:
Five Little Peppers How They Grow by: Margaret Sidney
The Puritan Bible Primer

Bug's Free Reading: 
The Bug requires more to keep her going with reading.  Here are books that she and I have pre-selected for when she just needs a bit more in her school day. . . which is usually every day!
Anne of Green Gables by: L.M. Montgomery*, The Jungle Book by: Rudyard Kipling, Little House on the Prairie by: Laura Ingalls Wilder *

The Scout & The Squeaker - 7th Grade:
Around the World in 80 Days by: Jules Vern
Our Island Story by: H.E. Marshall

The Squeaker says, "Our Island Story has amazing stories to learn about kings and knights, and stuff like that." (13 years old) . . . This from the kid who doesn't like history?

In His Steps by: Charles M. Sheldon *

All Books Are Linked to a Free eBook or PDF version! when possible
Books denoted with * should be available at your local library or Half-Priced Books.

What are you and your family enjoying reading together today?

Happy Homeschooling & Reading!
The Joyful Socks Mom 

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