FI♥AR: The Tale of Peter Rabbit

"Rowing" the Week
The Tale of Peter Rabbit *
{FIAR} Volume II

One of the best loved children's authors, telling one of the best loved children's stories of all time.  Rowing just doesn't get any better than this.  This was our first book to row after our summer schooling session, so we were both ready to get back to sharing this time together.

The Bug and I worked together on our Nature Table - we found this quite Pinteresting - so we tried it ourselves.  Decorating for our rowing may become a new tradition.  It really set the tone, mood and setting, plus opened up discussion about our book before we even began reading.

Language Arts:
  • Dictation of vocabulary from The Tale of Peter Rabbit
  • Discussed the principle of onomatopoeia and listed the examples from the story.
  • Discussed Naturalists, what they do & why.
  • Visited our local nature center and got to here from some Master Naturalists, plus catch butterflies . . . bonus!
  • We wrote a letter of apology to Mr. McGregor from Peter.  The Bug really enjoyed this activity. 

  • Enjoyed . . . not really, tolerated making rabbits with painted hand-prints. (Generally speaking she just does not enjoy getting her hands dirty, unless she is ACTUALLY in the garden.)

Home Economics:
  • Salad Preparation
  • Peeling and Cutting Carrots 
I have provided links in this post to the FREE resources we used to complete our Rowing.  Here are the printables that I created.  Please feel free to download them for you family to row with too:

We are taking a two week break in our Five-in-a-Row schedule.  The Bug is a bit taken with Little House on The Prairie . . . again, and we will be finishing a couple of these Laura Ingalls Wilder reads until after Thanksgiving.

What is in on your reading list this week?

Happy Homeschooling!
The Joyful Socks Mom 
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  1. I love that photo of your daughter with the paint on her hands! Looks like a lot of photos we've taken around here lately. :)

    I can't wait to "row" this one in the spring!


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