A Well-Spent Summer Journal: The Week of Summer Fun

The Week of Summer Fun
Weekly Wrap-up: In pictures
This is a look back at last week here at Mac Summer School while using our frugal fun ideas from the Summer Fun Bucket.  We accomplished quite a lot before the kids headed out on vacation and church camp.  I hope that some of play fun will inspire your family in summer schooling fun, too!

The Museum Trip
This is our trip to the Science & Natural History Museum to celebrate the Scout's birthday.

The Bug and Mommy enjoy the doll display from Mexico.

Bug and Scout do a little dino construction.

Workin' at the Car Wash
The Bug started her Summer Fun Bucket activity by washing her bike and all the scooters . . . Then she moved on to the cars.

Not sure that Granny's car actually received a proper rinsing . . . 

This activity was not actually in the bucket, but was a great diversion.  Granny bought these beautiful American Girl paper dolls for The Bug.  She adores Kit and enjoyed dressing her dolls over and over again. Good job Granny!

The girls had a ton of fun rounding up the necessary clothing to build their cowgirl get ups!

Going on a Bug Hunt
The Squeaker had to go bug hunting alone.  Her little sister (whose nick name IS Bug) wanted nothing to do with the creepy crawling creatures . . . 

As this picture proves!

The Squeaker really enjoyed creating these simple paper bag puppets.  She and her sister put on a monster puppet show for Granny and myself.  They are so funny!

We will have a short break this week while The Squeaker, Scout & Bug our out of town for some summer vacation (just a few days for camp and grandparents).  We'll be back next week and catch up with some more fun summer schooling ideas for a Summer Well-Spent!

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  1. What a fun week! I love all the pictures, especially the face on your youngest with the spider in the jar!

  2. This is my first time visiting your blog. Looks like ya'll had an amazing week. I can't wait to bring my little ones to a museum like that. We went on an ant hunt this week...we didn't collect them, but we observed them. I'm not really into bugs myself...lol.

  3. Not big on bugs myself . . . ironic that the little one doesn't like bugs either, but Bug has been her nickname for years. Go figure!

  4. My first time here as well. You certainly enjoyed an event filled week! Just proves that learning can take place through daily living. :)

  5. Looks like a fantastic summer, full of all sorts of great activities!


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