A Well-Spent Summer: Summer Fun for F*R*E*E*

Friday For F*R*E*E*

Frugal living and godly stewardship have always been a passion for me, especially in my writings.  It should not cost us what "they" want to charge you to raise a family, educate a child at home or just eat a meal!  To the same token it should not cost you your first born child to send your kids off to summer fun at camps, day camps, athletic camps, amusement parks and the like.  

Well, I cannot control what "they" charge and what "they" expect me to pay.  I can control where my dollar goes toward entertainment and education during the summer (Believe me, it WON'T be going toward watching the trash they throw up on the "big screen")!  With the spirit of stretching the dollar and focusing on what is truly important and necessary for a WELL-SPENT SUMMER, I proudly bring you the Friday For F*R*E*E list:

1.  Crafting is a traditional method to help control the madness of Summer Fun.  My readers know that crafting with my kids is also this mommy's favorite method to teach them and to grow their imaginations.  My children love to craft and they usually have no clue that they are learning (I told you I was sneaky)!

Here is a great little F*R*E*E* eBook that will help you craft on through the summer.  Simply click the book to go directly to the link.

Summer Crafts for Kids eBook

2.  Let's Luau!  Here are few super links on How-To throw some Luau fun!

To craft this Luau Banner, Goodie Bags, Sandal Party Favors, Invitations & Napkin Rings just click the picture below.
a hui hou!

3.  It looks like Picnic weather!  Everyone loves a picnic in the summer, especially when the breeze is blowing just the right way.  Pack your sandwiches and plenty of water, and don't forget to check your e F*R*E*E* Picnic Checklist HERE.

Check back in for more Summer Fun Fre.e.bies to enjoy with your crew.  And what the hey, say "No" to what "they" want you to pay!!!

The Frugal Lady

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