A Well-Spent Summer: The Power of Inspiration

The Power of Inspiration
What inspires you?  Me . . . chocolate, but I'm fairly easy to please.  What inspires your children?  My kids, it is definitely ever changing as the wind, or the weather in Texas (good grief it has been a boiler in North Texas this summer).  Our children have, what I would define as patterns of inspiration, certain subjects that typically captivate their individual attention.  You can almost take it to the bank that certain themes, units or subjects will inspire their hearts and minds and others just a bust.  Our Squeaker is inspired by drawing, action, sports and adventure.  The Scout is mostly inspired by science, reading, scouting and adventure.  The Bug is continually inspired by all things lady-like, French and whatever her two older sibling's says is super cool (no surprise there).  Things change.  You never know what might inspire them next.

Recently we checked out an interesting documentary and it sent the kids into an all out quest for all things da Vinci!  They simply could not get enough.  We went to the natural science and history museum for the Scout's birthday.  They flipped for the da Vinci exhibit: The Man, The Artist, The Inventor.  It was such a blessing to see them so inspired and excited over learning.  Not just learning, but being inspired by a subject that I did not "push" nor have an "agenda" for teaching.  They initiated the learning and I followed behind them just feeding their need for knowledge.  What a wonderful way to homeschool . . . especially during the summer when "mushy" brain abounds and it is traditionally difficult to get them motivated.

I say embrace what you know inspires your child, as always.  Remember to be the kind of instructor that can bend to the student's changing interests and run with the inspiration.  If it doesn't hurt them or go against God's instruction or your family's personal faith, I say give "Yes" a try and let them lead with some learning of their own!  You will be pleasantly surprised at how well they can inspire themselves and one another.

Happy Homeschooling!

Check-out these books about da Vinci that inspired us!

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