Prayer of a Positive Speaking Home Educator

Positive Words for the Home Educator

The morning silence is filled with wonder,
the humble handmaiden rests in the Savior's arms.
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There may be challenges to endure and slight hardship,or two, to face,
but in it I will search for His love, that reaches me, and rest in His tender grace.
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Math may be met with unwelcome tidings by the cranky morning crew,
but with delight I will choose to meet my morning and teach my children to do the same too.

For whether they go to Harvard, or check-out at the grocery store, be it math, science, literature and more,
I know that God's grace is sufficient for today, and He is in control.
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I will rest in His mercy and lead the day on with a wholesome heart of glorious praise,
His hand is in it, not mine, and these are His children to raise.

Hoping you all have a peaceful weekend renewal!

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Joyfully Learning as I Go,
The Joyful Socks Mom 

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