Enriching Everyday: Nature, Art, Music, Shakespeare and BEYOND!

Since we have moved our homeschooling experience to a 3-Day per Week Christian Homeschool Cooperative we have reaped the rewards of having an academically challenging environment, with accountability and individualized education plans for each of my VERY different children.  I am teaching full-time at the cooperative this year, enjoying every minute in the classroom and preparing my SUPER Second Graders to rise to the next level of excellence.  All of that aside, I am desperate for more learning time (not HOMEWORK TIME) with my own super, sweet and special kiddos.  I feel the great need to enrich our homeschooling experience with some ACTUAL time at home . . . strange concept, I know!


I will begin a new blogging challenge this weekend: Enriching Everyday.  This will be an effort to research and apply some enriching activities for all grade levels (my children span from age 22 down to age 7).  The focus will be on family team work and spending more time using constructive and educational activities to inspire (NOT entertain), while enriching our over-all homeschool experience.  Wow!  That sounds like a lot, but I think we will find it easier than we anticipate if we stay consistent and dedicated to the process of enriching our educational experience.

Writer William Shakespeare

This weekend's post will be beginning an Art and Music Appreciation Study that can be maintained and enjoyed year round.

Composer Johann Sebastian Bach

JOIN me this weekend to begin Enriching Everyday in your homeschool - or just at home!  Please plug-in by subscribing to our posts and commenting with all that you are doing in your home to "Enrich" Everyday.

Happy Homeschooling!

Mrs. Mac says, "Welcome!"
Mrs. Mac

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