Enriching Everyday: Ready for Some Action!?!

Enriching Everyday Challenge

Today we will challenge one another to get determined, organized and inspired in order to Erich our Everyday homeschooling experience.  I will be including some resources from other trusted sites, as well as some helps and hints from my own home and posting a weekly link-up for sharing Enrichment Ideas.  Before you completely stop reading and end with, "Oh no, I could not add another thing to our homeschool!", let's just review the 3 easy steps to Enrichment . . . maybe it will even change your mind . . . at least long enough to take the challenge.  

1. Determination:  If you are not personally convicted about enrichment, perhaps your children or husband maybe interested in adding a different variety of activities to your educational experience.  You can delegate planning and organizing to the individual who has the most determination to add that area of enrichment.  I know any time you can save yourself is a blessing.  Older kids love to help (more than you might believe) and the responsibility of planning and organizing teaches them and helps their level of confidence.  

Example:  My son loves History.  He made a "King Tut's Tomb" for his little sister and taught her how to document correctly, like a real archaeologist after she had completed the lesson in Story of the World.  

The Hidden Tomb of "Mac-Topia" as the Scout called it.

Here are some of the "rare" artifacts that the bug cataloged.  Yep, there are a few Star Wars characters and a Nutcracker.  A strange and unusual culture must have lived here . . . 

The Bug enjoyed and learned, while the Scout gained confidence for completing the task and enjoyed the responsibility.  When the family works as a team to make Enrichment happen everyday, then "good ole'" mom keeps her sanity . . . and can get more than 4 hours sleep per evening!

2.  Organization:  Once you have determined that you will choose everyday enrichment for your learning experience, you now need to turn to organizing how you will bring this about.  The last thing one needs as a homeschool mother is to make things more hectic or difficult.  Can I get an amen?

Decide what Enrichment activities can be done at home and what will need to take place "off campus".  Then talk to your children and husband to coordinate and delegate duties.  Keep your kids tastes and preferences in mind while planning . . . you could even ask what they would like!  Just a thought, you don't have to. :)

If there is a conflict of schedule or opinion determine how and when the activity could be added to the schedule (perhaps at a later date), or pray on the issue for a week or two and then revisit the activity.

Example: My husband wanted the kids to learn more about current events.  I agreed, of course, that this was essential, however; without a television (by choice) I failed to see where I was going to find the time to implement his new enrichment activity.  I was also concerned about the Bug, only being 8 years old, the youngest and a wee bit tenderhearted, suddenly having to confront some current events that are above her developmental ability.

Solution:  My husband was delegated volunteered to spend time after dinner, at the kitchen table, going over the national headlines in the newspaper (which they supply him for free at work) with the two older children.  While they are reviewing with daddy, the Bug and I talk about current issues that are relevant to her or work on her various "missionary" projects, while cuddling with mommy in bed.

3.  Inspiration:  This is the best and easiest part!  There are vast and unending resources surrounding every homeschool family out there.  Look on the internet, local cooperatives, your church family, your relatives, Facebook, your local library, civic organizations . . . the possibilities are limitless.  Get something in the planning for each different child (they don't have to be "enriched" simultaneously - they can take turns).  Help your child choose an activity that is short term goal oriented and choose as a family an enrichment that has a longer term goal.

Here's a L@@K at our FAMILY'S Everyday Enrichment Plans:

Spring 2012
Resume Nature Study: Family (Seasonal Schedule)
Begin Artist/Composer Study: Family (Year Round Schedule)

Current Events: Older Kids with Dad/ Bug with Mom 

Library Science
the Bug (She has a MASSIVE library in her room, she wants to hold a "Grand Opening" in the Fall)

Stop-motion Animation: 
the Scout has the software kit and is planning to team up with another homeschool friend to begin producing films.  (I see a ton of Lego pick-up for him in the future!)

Soccer:  the Squeaker is out of her last year in Upward sports
Track & Field: Texas State Homeschool Track meet - The Squeaker has decided to train for the State meet this year.  She will be awesome!!!

MISSIONARY FUNDRAISING: Family (but this is actually the Bug's pet project)

ENRICHING EVERYDAY: Ready for Some Action?
Here is just a little Enrichment inspiration for you.
LOTS of Free resources coming your way - keep on the look-out!

 So, What was all that enrichment?  Homeschool Cooperative, Horseback Riding, Hosting an Online Science Fair, Creating Art, Cooking, Building Wooden Model Airplanes, Cowgirl History in Austin, TX, Violin, Camping, Chess, Hosting Back-yard Olympics, Nature Study at Beach, and learning about Sacajawea. 

Hope you are inspired.

Until tomorrow - start dreaming Big!

Happy Homeschooling,
Mrs. Mac says, "Welcome!"

Sister Mac

(a.k.a. Joyful Socks Mom)

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