Ladies of Calvary: Reverence in Behavior - MARRIAGE CHALLENGE

"All Due Reverence in Behavior"

We will pick up our Marriage Challenge today discovering the requirements in giving "All Due Reverence in Behavior" to our husbands.  We had previously discussed the meanings of words like "Due" and "Reverence" in order to insure that we are continuing in like mind during our study.  To see the posts that previously discussed these definitions, click HERE.  We will pause only briefly to define one other word, and then we will begin to examine the scriptures regarding the behavior of a godly wife.

Behavior: Manner of behaving, whether good or bad; conduct; manners; carriage of oneself, with respect to propriety, or morals; deportment.  It expresses external appearance or action; sometimes in a particular character; more generally in the common duties of life; as, our future destiny depends on our behavior in this life.
** Definition taken from the American Dictionary of the English Language, Noah Webster 1828

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1. "Do my actions clearly demonstrate godly reverence for my husband?"

Scripture References: 1 Peter 2:17, Matthew 7:20

Focus Scripture: "Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right." Proverbs 20:11

2. "Is my husband more important to me than my children, my friends, my relatives?"

Scripture Reference: Genesis 2:23-24

Focus Scripture: "And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh." Mark 10:8

3. "Do I put my husband's needs, goals, and wishes before my own?"

Scripture References: 1 Corinthians 11:7-9, 1 Corinthians 10:24, Romans 12:10, Matthew 20:28

Focus Scripture: "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

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We discussed previously the plain and simple truth that a wife is consistently put into a position, by God, to be the most Christ-like in her requirements as help-meet and mother.  We are given the honor of being used just like Christ, who was the constant "servant" among those who surrounded Him . . . and beyond.  Being of the flesh, being human, makes this reality feel less like of an "honor" and more like a burden.  Let's face it, when your laundry pile looks like this . . . 

the furthest thing from your mind is BLESSING!  (Yes, that is a picture of a laundry pile in my home from over 2 years ago.  In my defense, the pile was CLEAN, just waiting to be folded.)

Although my thoughts and actions may not bend toward "thankfulness" and believing I am blessed, I must take every thought captive for Christ! (Laundry included *wink *wink)  The outward fruit of reverent behavior is the evidence that God is cultivating in us the personality of Jesus.  Yes, I will take another round of that please!  I say that with enthusiasm, yet I know that taking of the personality of Christ and allowing God to put me to the "submission" test means that I must constantly put myself at the end of the line.

You see, even a child can understand this one.  That means then, we should have no issue with it right? Wrong. . . ask my 2nd grade class, they can tell you all about it. . .  Live your life with J.O.Y. Jesus - Others - Yourself.  How frequently do you misspell that word?  It is such a simple word to spell, yet I get it misspelled frequently too!  The "advanced" theology of children is sometimes what Christ is trying to teach us.

Supporting our husbands needs, goals and wishes are priority one this week ladies.  I heard a wise friend speaking of the "corporate world" last night, explaining simply, "You need to make the boss look good."  That is my challenge to you this week.  How can you make your husband look good?  How can you make his job easier?  How can you make his burden lighter?

I once heard a nice old lady say, "Be the wife your husband deserves, honey."  Huh?  Look, don't get me started on what we sinners do or do not deserve . . . I will go on for hours on that subject.  I'm sure she meant well, but my need to behave in reverence toward my sweet hubby is not born out of what he deserves, but out of the grace and mercy that God has shown to me.  It is His (God's) requirement of me and His will for me that I seek to fulfill.

This week, I would like to amend the previous statement . . . DO NOT continue to be the woman your man "deserves".  That will not produce the fruit of the Spirit.  Strive instead, with all your might, to be toward your husband, the wife that Jesus will be coming back for!  The bride of Christ!  Be the wife Jesus deserves.  Yes, that is a tall order, but with the Holy Ghost and God's perfect will . . . all things are possible!

In Christ’s service,
Mrs. Mac says, "Welcome!"
Sister Mac

(a.k.a. Joyful Socks Mom)

• Quotations used that are italicized are from the book As Unto the Lord by Pam Forester unless otherwise sited in this post.



  1. I right now, sadly am not able to answer those questions the way the Lord would like me to...oh Lord, help me. I need You in control!

  2. Prayer can reveal all you need to know. Besides, we continue to think BIG in regard to these questions. Why not ask your hubby? I bet his idea of your help is not as tall an order as you would dream up yourself. Right?

  3. Like Victoria I still need prayer in this area as well. I have a similar laundry story though. I have been praying and asking God to show me something I can change. Well one afternoon my husband came home from work and was taking his clothes too wash and I got very anxious because he gets frustrated with my famous clean pile on top of dryer. Hello?? Light bulb moment!!! Something I can change, so the next day I washed all dirty, folded and hung all the clothes on dryer. It felt good to see an empry space but even better to not sense my husbands frustration when he went to do his laundry. Light bulb again!! He started doing his laundry several years ago and said he liked doing his own, but it dawned on me it was because he didn't want his stuff lost in the pile. Thank You Jesus for showing me this and thank you for Sister Mac's devotional which is helping me strive to do more!


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