Crafty Spring Break Plans

The Scout will be out the door this morning for a visit with family in Houston, as we are taking a full week from schooling.  We have lots of back and forth, running around town to do this week.  My grandparents recently moved into an assisted living home and we have many commitments to help out this week.  We have family coming in from out of town to help, which means some tidying up around the Mac house too.  Lots of cleaning and repairing to do at my grandparent's house and getting ready for a yard sale.  Whew!

art class

Where does that leave the girls for some fun Spring Break vacation action?  Well, we have planned out a week of crafting to make up for the fact that the Squeaker and the Bug will not get much of a road-trip this year.  Here are our best laid plans and we'll let you know how it turns out:

The Squeaker:
Being 13 she has her own idea and crafting style, so all I have done is make some suggestions.  Some worked, some didn't.  Anyway, here is what she is planning - 

  • Hand Knitting a Blanket (This is of her own design, so I have no tutorial to share . . . yet)
  • Stick Raft: I am certain she is envisioning launching this at the park.
  • Micky Mouse Collage Art The girls are planning on redecorating their room this summer.  The Squeaker will be decorating her side in Mickey Mouse art and deco.  She's planning this collage to get a jump start.
The Bug:

  • Missionary M and M bracelets The Bug will be making these bracelets to support her missionaries in Haiti and beyond.  Here is the Friendship Bracelet pattern we are using.
  • Weaving She has chosen this really neat looming craft.  We recently covered A New Coat for Anna during our FIAR curriculum at Co-op.  Since then she has been enthralled with weaving.  Hopefully this will help feed her need to loom.
  • Treasure Rocks We really thought these "Treasure Rocks" sounded cool.  She is planning on making lots for her friends and her cousins, The Doodle Bugs (my 19 month old nieces).
Mommy:  These are my hopes for a few solitary crafting moments for myself 
. . . we'll see. : )

  • Quiet Books I love these and have wanted to make them for the Doodle Bugs for quite awhile.  I have most of these materials on hand, so it should work out.
  • JUST SOME QUIET CROCHET TIME - I don't care what I do, I just need a hook and some yarn.  Here's my best Greta Garbo impression, "I want to be alone . . ." with my yarn!
  • Card Book Taking all the lovely cards that I have saved and making them into a journal.
Altogether Now:
We are planning on crafting together some Fairy Houses.  We have built several around the local Nature Trail and in the backyard.  I think we might try our hand at gluing them together, where our dog or the elements could tear them apart.

What are your Spring Break plans?  Any crafting in your near future?
Leave a comment and let us know.

Happy Homeschooling

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