Natural Play: The Bug's Natural Play Space

We enjoy exploring the beautiful creation that God has surrounded us with.  This explains our constant need to Nature Study at homeschool and our tendency to lean toward camping for most of our family vacations, plus we're proud to Boy Scouts . . . okay, technically my hubby and son are Boy Scouts, I'm still just a lowly Webelos Den Leader and both of the girls are "honorary" Den Helpers.  Sorry, I digress.  

The Bug and I did some shopping and research not too long ago, and we both were excited by the Natural toy selections that we discovered.  We have been working on making her play area more like what we have seen around the internet, Etsy, craft fairs and the like, without spending any extra money on new toys.  We decided that we had plenty around the house that could be gathered and used, re-purposed or built from Dad's shop.  I will blog on the specifics on her Natural toys a bit later, until then here is a peek.

Here are some pictures of how we organized her play area to make it beautiful and still accessible.

The Bug's Nature Table:  She uses her nature table to display ideas she gets while exploring God's creation.

This is her current display, meant to display the current season.  She has a Snowman-shaped wood carving to reminisce of the lingering winter.  Displaying the correct season can be a bit difficult when you live in Texas - believe me, we don't have much more cool left this winter . . . well, we think, that could change.

This is her complete Natural toy selection.  We did it all with what we had on hand, or what we made with items on hand.  I will include her actual natural toy selections in a later post.

The Bug is an avid Reader-Writer learner.  I have filled baskets with books in her play area with non-fiction selections.  She gravitates to these on quieter days and rainy days.  This basket is filled with Fine Arts titles - Christian Art, Easy Woodworking  for Kids, Monet, Da Vinnci for Kids, Plays Around the Year, Eco-Art and Global Art.

I will post soon on how we fill each of her baskets with Natural toys for next-to-nothing!  I am also working on "themed" Natural Play-sets for the Bug.  I will post on these when I get them assembled and tested out.  I also wanted to make some Natural toys and Play-sets for the Doodle Bugs (my twin nieces).  I will keep you updated.

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