Natural Play: Re-purposed Play - At the Seaside!

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The quest to provide natural play options for my kid continues . . .

With the Spring well on it's way and my thoughts towards "re-purposing" in full force, I continue my quest, keeping my budget in mind of course, to provide the Bug with natural and imaginative playing options.  I feel like a crusader!  I have set my sights set to Yard Sales and Resale Shops in order quench my thirst to "re-purpose", stay within budget and create fabulous play options for the Bug.

First, let me start with what is already available to us.
We are starting with a Seaside theme . . . frankly, because we it was the largest theme we already had on-hand.  Here is what we re-purposed from around the house:
  • We found lots of shells around the house, where they came from?  Who knows?  The imagination soars.  Galveston.  Florida.  Philippines.  Fiji?
  • Searching through the bucket-o-animals proved to be useful.  We found a starfish, sea turtle and a crab.
  • Clipped pictures from magazines of the seaside and ocean animals.
  • We ran down to the city beach to grab some sand.  Then we cleaned the sand and dried it out for use.
  • We searched through books we already had on hand and added them to the bag.
  • Throw in a pair of stylish (or maybe not so stylish) sunglasses.  
Here are the things we added from the yard sales and resale shops:
  • More ocean "clown-fish" looking toys. $1.00 @ Dollar Tree
  • Wooden bowl. $2.00 @ Yard Sale
  • Sand dollars. $1.00 @ Dollar Tree
  • Blue marbles and decorative beads for water. $1.00 @ Dollar Tree
  • Old sailing ship statue. $1.25 @ local resale shop
  • Nice basket for storage. $1.25 @ local resale shop
Total for our Seaside Re-purposed Play-set?  $7.50

What do you think?  What else could we add to this Play-set?  What theme should we "re-purpose" next?

Happy Homeschooling

The Joyful Socks Mom  

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