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What a delightful few afternoons I have enjoyed while pouring over my new read, an eBook called 4 Moms of 35+ Kids: Answer Your Parenting Questions.  This 195 page eBook was authored by four of the most practical and entertaining mommy bloggers out there.  This eBook was borne out of a compilation of the many questions that these hard-working homemaking mothers receive about parenting.  These questions come from their loyal readers in a blog series named the same, 4 Moms, 35 Kids.  Let me just say when you are seeking practical, no-nonsense advice, these are the ladies that you should listen to . . . sorry Oprah, they have you beat!
If you don't know the ladies behind the most popular and heart-warming blogs on the homeschool block, well then sister, take a moment to say ,"Howdy!" and knock on their bloggy doors at Smockity Frocks, The Common Room, Life in a Shoe and Raising Olives.

These ladies all blog and write with distinctively humorous anecdotes, heart-felt truths and practicality, each with their own style and set of experiences.  They are all tried and true homemakers and home educators, that are true to paying-it-forward.  These gals will share their experiences, transparent about faults, in order to serve and help other parents in training their own children in "the way they should go".
  • What will you find in this wonderful eBook?
No sugar-coating to make it look easy.  Parenting isn't a picnic and these mothers are honest about that fact.  However; they are delightful and joyful about raising their children . . . their MANY, many, many children.  This is comforting to novice parents and veteran parents alike, who just need a kind word and a practical, non-judgmental bit of sound advice.  This is exactly what these moms have to offer in their well-written, witty and organized contribution to your eBook library.
  • What you will not find?
No apologies or side-stepping on being blatantly Christian and Biblical in their viewpoints on child rearing and discipline . . . THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  Just the way all proud homeschooling Christian mommies should be! (too many adjectives, sorry)  You go girls, we are behind you. :)
  • Why should I read this eBook?
The authors who contributed to the writing of this eBook have vast amounts of godly wisdom to share.  Weather you have two kiddos, or Duggar-style numbered children, you will glean some "truth universally acknowledged" in this eBook.  The encouragement these mothers offer is worth far more than I can pay for, and these ladies give it willingly.  I especially recommend heading straight to these little tidbits of advice:

* Connie speaks simply on "How do you teach your children the birds and the bees?"
* Kim C regarding "How do you keep your children still and quiet in church?"
* "How do you keep things fair for all your children?" with the Deputy Headmistress
* And Kimberly speaks frankly on "Do you ever get discouraged or overwhelmed?"

Here is Kimberly answering, "How do you avoid sibling squabbles?"

"Sibling relationships need not be characterized by sin anymore than the marriage relationship should be characterized by sin. All relationships will be affected by sin, but by God's grace and mercy we can have relationships that are characterized by the fruit of the Spirit."                       ~ Kimberly 
You will also find a cracker-jack bonus of an Appendix in this eBook: An Age Appropriate List for Chores, Fruit of the Spirit printable, You Might Be A Large Family If . . ., and Sermon Notes printable.
  • When can I get my hot hands on a copy?
4 Moms 35 Kids

Glad you asked!  Now of course.  One of the many perks of the internet is being able to purchase online and download quickly all you want to read.  One of the few times this mom will be promoting "instant gratification" on this blog, is to buy this lovely parenting eBook today.  This a is more than worthwhile read and is also available on Kindle now.  Head over HERE to get your copy today.

Happy Homeschooling

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