Enriching Everyday: The Finger Knitting Project

We posted on our Crafting plans during our Spring Break from homeschool quite awhile back.  Now we have another update on how our projects have panned out.  Presenting the "Finger Knitting Project" . . .

The Squeaker has started her finger-knitting project and it is keeping her busy and focused . . . Nice bonus!  (Big thank you to our pastor's daughter for teaching her at Co-op)  Here is a tutorial that we found online, along with ideas on how to use your finger-knitting strands.


I also love this How-to Teach Child or Teen Knitting Lens - great resource!

Here are just a few projects you can craft with your finger knitting strands:
Here is how the Squeaker's "blanket" is looking.  I was given an entire garbage bag full of lovely yarn and she has almost used ALL of it on her blanket, small price to pay.  I am still not understanding how she is planning to bind it together, but she assures me she "has it covered".  Whatever! : \

Here is a great tutorial we found for the Bug to join in the knitting fun, as I am a crocheter and am clueless to knitting techniques. : (  The one weakness to my crafty super powers!

This is the Spool Knitter that we made and you can follow this link to view the easy, squeazy how-to.  This is a lovely way for the younger kiddos to knit.  It helps them keep the stitches more even and tighter than if they are just using their tiny fingers.

So, what are you waiting for?  Let's get to knitting!!!

Happy Crafting!

Have a blessed Resurrection & Passover Weekend all!

The Joyful Socks Mom 

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