This is How We Row: Passport Tutorial

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Welcome Rowers and those who want to be "rowing"!  This post is an informational post about rowing and will include a look at how to make your own Five-in-a-Row Passport - so, read on . . .
A quick word on passports.  You can always purchase your passport for use with the  Five-in-a-Row curriculum from Rainbow Resource.  We found that making our own was more fun, but we are homeschoolers that way!

We are sure when rowing to take a look at our maps closely, in order to learn about where we are "rowing" and where we have "rowed" before.  Here is a FREE download for the "Land of Make Believe" map, which is definitely off-the-charts.

{This is a picture of our Rowing Map at Cooperative}

I like to visit the library a couple of times a week . . . duh, I know it's obvious!  Anyhow, I am constantly on a look out for books that make a good match with our upcoming rowing "theme".  I usually have plenty to choose from at our local library and from my own overindulgent collection of children's books.  I put these books aside in a Rowing Book Basket that students can peruse later when work is completed or during centers.
{They Were Strong and Good Book Basket @ Cooperative}

Here is an example of the selections I make for the Five-in-a-Row Book Basket.  Let's say the book we were rowing was They Were Strong and Good by: Robert Lawson.  You could choose books to accompany this book using several different themes: Bees/Beekeeping, Slavery, Civil War, Soldiers, Evangelism, etc.
{Closer look at the Five in a Row Book Basket}
 Now, on the the Five-in-a-Row Passport. . . .
Written Paper Bag Book Tutorial - - - - >
Materials Needed:  Basic Brown Lunch Sacks (garden variety brown is fine, but you can upgrade to colors if you want to feel fancy), glue, scissors, sewing machine with thread.

1.  Sort the bags in alternating order according, the amount of bags to use is determined by how large a passport you want.  Each sack will ultimately provide you with 4 pages, excluding the front cover, inside cover, and back cover.
2.  Place each bag flat and position flush for sewing.  Now, bend the bags inward, folding in half like a book.
3.  Sew a straight zig-zag seem down the center of the bag, along the crease that you just created.
4.  Clip the edges of thread from both ends of the passport.
5.  Go HERE to print the Front Cover and inside cover pages of your Passport.
6.  Now you can use this excellent resource from Tamara and Homeschoolshare.com to illustrate all the places you are going to row!  Download  Volume 1 Here, Volume 2 Here, Volume 3 Here, Volume 4 Here.  Cut out each illustration page and glue to the pages of your passport.

Here is an AWESOME easy-to-use tutorial HERE on how to make a paper bag book!  Mucho better than mine. . . I found this on Pinterest of course!

Now you are ready to row around the world and beyond.

Happy Rowing!

The Joyful Socks Mom   

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  1. Heather, I cannot access the passport cover and pages link. Could you please send me a current link? I am really enjoying your blog. You've given me so much inspiration:)
    Thanks, Krista

    1. Okay Krista - all fixed! The link is repaired and here is the URL for the Passport Cover

      Have a happy "rowing" week!

    2. Thank you so much Heather. I cannot wait to start rowing books now.

  2. Glad you are enjoying some inspiration. I will fix these links ASAP and get them posted. Thanks for the head's up!


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