Natural Play: Re-Purposed Play-set Woodlands

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We have hit some Yard Sales recently and have been coming away with a few essentials (okay, and probably a few totally NON-essentials) to finish some projects in our Natural Play area.  We decided that a Woodland theme would be a fun and easy addition to our collection.  Here is what we re-purposed from around the house:
  • Big Daddy (the Bug's amazing daddy) cut some more natural logs for us.  He cut a nice large slice and a few smaller disks.  We were in charge of sanding, which is a great handy work item for any 8 year old . . . even the prim and proper girly kind!
  • We inherited some wooden animals and landscape crafting items from our lovely next-door neighbor, who is retired and trying to lighten her load of crafts.  Maybe I should consider that?  NO WAY! We received: the owl, the rabbit, the goose-looking animal{please comment if you have any clue what strange avian-type animal this is, we like to be in the know} , the miniature toadstools and the miniature nest.
  • Searched out and found a couple of pine cones for our owl to perch on, from our local obliging park.  (I do clip the sharp points off with the garden sheers before handing them over for playtime - just to clarify)   ; )
  • I also re-purposed a material gift bag from Hanukkah to hold it all nice and tight.

Here are the things we added from the "outside" sources:
  • Found a ton of old silk leaves and fall-like flowers to add to our landscape $0.75 @ Resale shop.
  • Bag of green decorating gems. $1.00 @ Dollar Tree
  • Purchased another bag of decorator rocks for good measure.  Solid! @ $1.00 Dollar Tree
  • Nice basket for storage. $1.00 @ Dollar Tree
Total for our Seaside Re-purposed Play-set?  $3.75 plus tax!
If anyone is keeping score (which I doubt) . . .  swish, nothing but net!  That's a record baby.

How are your Natural Play days going?  What is in your Natural Play baskets?  Leave your comments below to share in the creativity!

Happy Rowing All!

The Joyful Socks Mom 

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun. What a lovely idea.

  2. Thank you. It is quite a lot of fun for the little Bug. It's also like a treasure hunt, putting it all together.
    : )


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