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"Rowing" the Week (@ Co-op)
April 23 - April 29th
Make Way For Ducklings by: Robert McCloskey
{FIAR} Volume II
This is a beautifully illustrated and we written, tenderhearted story about a family of ducks, well, soon to be a family.  The book has many wonderful themes woven into it, using an easy to predict style for younger children.  I love the opportunity this book gives for discussion about families, parents and caring for others.  The author spent much time observing ducks in the Boston Commons Gardens, so you can also use this book to teach the importance of studying God's creation ; ) again.

I created a "sensory table" to help inspire some creative narrative stories.  We discussed ducks, their habits, what they eat, what they do during the day.  We discussed personification and how Mr. McCloskey uses several human traits to keep his story funny and interesting.

The students came to touch the items on the table.  You cannot see it well in the pictures, but the plastic bag is filled with blue "pond" water.  I was sure to double bag it, one word, BOYS!  When each of the students felt inspired, they began writing: My Day as a Duckling!  They took a 18" x 12" piece of construction paper and folded it down to book size, covering the front with an illustration and pasting their story inside.

We lined up in alphabetical order during the week, just like the ducks in our story.

I drew a map on the board and we used the peanut factor from our story to review our multiplication.  Example:  Jack, Kack and Lack are sitting under a bush.  A child gives them each 2 peanuts.  How many peanuts did they get together?  3 x 2=6

We used this resource from Homeschoolshare.com to complete some more multiplication and addition practice.

Just Mommy and the Bug 
These are rowing activities that the Bug and I enjoyed at home.

Found Boston on the map, then discussed and research the historical sites in Boston.  Then we created and labeled a map of the Boston Commons Garden, where part of the story takes place.

"Make Way for Ducklings" sculpture by Nancy Schön. Photo by Gareth Owen

Word Fun: Each word must be looked-up in the dictionary, spell out each word with our Spill and Spell, acted out and then written in a sentence.
molt, cozy, incubate

Handicraft: Cross-stitching
I found a cute little pattern on the internet for the Bug to use in her cross-stitch work.  I colored her pattern with maker onto a piece of mesh drawer-liner.  Then we placed it inside her hoop so she could work on her duckie.

Hope are you "rowers" out there are enjoying Rowing Around the World with us!

Happy Homeschooling!
The Joyful Socks Mom      

Be sure to check out and follow my Pin Board on Five In A Row - I find great resources and pin them there before we create them in the classroom.

Resources have been included to help inspire Five-In-A-Row Homeschool families in their "Rowing' journeys as well.  Enjoy and comment!  We would love to know what you are "rowing' too!

*Note: Five in a Row, Vol. 2 {FIAR} is made to be a five day curriculum and should be used with the Teacher's Manual - as we only attend Co-op 3 days per week, I will post what we have done in class and fun resources for that you may want to do at home. (Not REQUIRED homework - just some family fun options.) 

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