Saturday @ the Farm!

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While the scouts were away bringing home 1st place with Troop #148 at Camporee, the girls and I put our crafting skills to good use for a day of fun at the farm.  Rhineland Farm is a lovely local family owned and operated organic homestead.  This year our friend Samantha and her family hosted Market Day to welcome the Spring season.  The girls and I rented a booth, mostly so the Bug could sell her Prayer for the Nations dolls.  We worked all week on getting our handicrafts together.  We also featured "Live" folk art demonstrations for kids: Paper plate loom weaving, Spool knitting, Yarn dolls and Corn husk dolls.  It was wonderful to share our craft with families and watch the joy of small children realizing they could make something special with their hands.  The joy of work, it is priceless!

Here the Bug has found a shady spot to quietly weave on her loom.

The Squeaker staying hydrated.

Here I am getting ready for the next "Live" Folk Art demo.
Here is some of our handicraft fare.  
It was work, but we met many wonderful folks from all over.  Since I was busy talking to customers and demoing handicrafts for the children at the booth, I had little time to take photos.  I gave the Squeaker a quick camera tutorial and set her loose on the farm with the camera.  This is what she came back with:

Why are there so many animal pictures?  The Squeaker behind the camera = lots of pictures of her favorite subject, ANIMALS!

Lemongrass and Lavender soap, chocolate pie, homemade fudge and fresh herbs at the Rhineland Farm booth.

One of Samantha's grand-daughters displays her finger knitted scarves.  My girls played around the farm all afternoon with Samantha's grand-daughters.  They were excited to make some new friends.

Home spun and dyed yarn & bags of homemade lavender potpourri.  As good as it gets this side of heaven as far as I am concerned!

Homemade ginger-ale or cream soda anyone?  Yum!

Here our some of the goodies from our fellow vendors at the Market Day: 
Homemade baked goods & the "Tamale Lady" in the foreground.

 Lovely little appliques on bibs and onesies.

 Home stitched purses and handbags . . . I could have gotten in major trouble shopping this booth!  Glad I was too busy at my booth to really investigate.

 The Squeaker enjoyed speaking with this local artist and photographer who does beautiful work using the subject of wildlife.

Here is what was left of the Bug's Prayer for the Nations dolls.  She almost sold out!  She had a blast and was encouraged to continue her mission.  She sold over $50 worth of dolls, received two donations and had a lady pray with her under the shade tree.  God is good!

We were completely exhausted when we finally arrived back at home, but what a wonderful kind of tired it was.  The girls and I enjoyed the day of work and play.  Now they want to know when we can do another craft show!  I better start searching now for more ways to share and display their lovely folk art with the world.  Thanks for inviting us out Samantha and family!  You are wonderful hosts and great at hospitality.  Many blessings to you and your lovely farm.

Have a blessed Resurrection & Passover Weekend all!

The Joyful Socks Mom   

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